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Bluegrass State of MindRting a new life in beautiful horse country She finds that Will is now a handsome successful race horse farm owner As the old flame is ignited complications are aplenty in the form of. Reading books like this always makes me uestion how delusional writers are And I'm not talking dragons here no siree I'm talking about those wonderful women who bless us with instalove Guess what fuck you allMeet McKenna sorry Kenna something who's a lawyer on the run because she stumbled upon some sex ring involving her ex boyfriend and other powerful people in New York Or something like that No really this sex ring scandal comes up about 80% in Till you reach that point in the book you're treated to the sexcapades of Kenna and her instaboy Will who literally fell in love with each other the day they met And I literally mean literally They had this one fun week in New York some seventeen years ago and they remember every single detail of it and realise that they're soul mates or whatever It's this kind of shit that makes me uestion my life choices They proclaim their love for each other about halfway through the book and they've known each other for a few days or maybe weeks now There's serious brand dropping in this one as well Prada Armani and a lot of Ralph Lauren Rachel Green called She wants her job back rolls eyes But then again that's not the worst of it It never is with such books is it So Kenna is a stranger in the uaint little town of Keeneston Kentucky and yet within the first few hours of her arrival she's experienced homely cooking the friendliest people and a fatherly hug Oh wait let's not forget the kiss of true love Look I get that small towns have this charm about them and basically everyone knows everyone but the woman was a stranger for the love of all that is holy And people random people she just fucking met are looking to court her and help her get a job Excuse me if I think that's a bit too much There's a limit to how far you can go with a storyline and Ms Brooks doesn't know the meaning of limit or storyline; because in this we have a Middle Eastern Prince and FBI agent a corrupt senator his promiscuous daughter who's the hero's ex bitch her new boyfriend who happened to be Kenna's ex sleazeball and even references to the ueen of England We have fancy balls get your mind out of the gutter not those balls red carpet appearances and a trip to the moon Okay not the moon but you catch my drift It's like Ms Brooks couldn't decide what she wanted to write about so she went ahead and wrote down everything that was in her damn head and the result was this masterpiece Also I don't know it it's just me but I felt like she'd ripped off Kinsella's Undomestic Goddess and combined it with elements from Pretty Woman Castle and freaking Lawrence of my labia Avoid this at all costs

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McKenna Mason a New York City attorney with a love of all things Prada is on the run from a group of powerful dangerous men McKenna turns to a teenage crush Will Ashton for help in sta. This book went from promising to annoying so uickly it still has my head spinning days after having read this book The premise and the general plot is good But the execution is below par What this book sorely needs is a good editor who isn't afraid to tell the author when her writing sucks and it needs some serious and heavy handed editing It really does have good parts and it starts off with a really great plot But somehow for 80% of the book that plot is ignored Instead the author focuses on everyone worshiping the heroine And I do mean everyoneWhat I don't find believable at all is that McKenna is a stranger in the town yet somehow she is loved by all Everyone is rooting for her helping her and generally treating her like a prodigy Not one person in the whole town is skeptical to this strange woman who came out of nowhere And no I'm not buying the vague 'her grandma knew his grandma' excuse eitherAnother issue this book had were the huge info dumps in the form of monologues Even early on in the book I skimmedskipped these Too much blah blah and my mind wanders Also didn't care much for the lengthy constant repeats of what had happened earlier in the book I understand the need for one character to tell another what went down but the reader has no need to have it rehashed ad nauseum There is a much better way to tell a new character what happened You simply use the and then she told himher the whole gory story See how easy it can be doneIn some places the tenses were all over the place Another reason to get a good editor to go through your book Even if you're just self publishing Your reputation is at stake hereIn general this book suffers from heavy usage of dialoguemonologue A lot of telling instead of showing which makes it impossible to connect with the characters It didn't help that Kenna was a betterweisser who kept on preaching down at people I see that the author tried to write a kick ass heroine who was strong But Kenna came across as one major bitch with her head planted so far up her own ass sheI don't even know what to say here She just pissed me off When the reader hates the main character it definitely is not a good thingMcKenna wasn't 'amazing' and there really was no reason for everyone to be 'amazed' by her She didn't do anything to warrant amazementI didn't mind the love story in this book But I just wanted it to fit in with the original plot where Kenna saw something she shouldn't have seen and someone trying to kill her for it And the hero worship everyone had towards her was just too far fetched It felt like Twilight Bella on speed and it ruined the whole book This book would have benefited from less is in a big wayIt amazes me how authors can write out gory details of rape and abuse but they can't bring themselves to use any stronger swearwords than 'oh my gosh' This doesn't exactly endear me to the authors I won't go into exactly what it makes me think let's just leave it at 'not pretty' I have done my share of editing and I have yelled at my authors for that Use your wordsSomething that made me snort my coffee through my nose was how Kenna was rubbing shoulders with royalty at a party Ermno Just No First of all they wouldn't be at a party like that And second of all mixing royalty into your story just cause it sounds good doesn't make it so It's just too much In a bad way If you want to have the rich and famous in your book add a Hollywood starlet or a Nashville sweetheart Just avoid the royalsAnd no FBI agent with his head screwed on the right way would spew out a list of his credentials and education to some hinky lawyer No matter how much of a big shot she thinks she is Having everyone conveniently there to hear the convenient confession of all wrong doings towards Ms Popular herself wastoo easy dumb amateur should have been avoided Off of the top of my head I can think of at least five different ways to do thisSomething for all to remember is that when something has been done just once it is not tradition It could be the start of a new tradition or something you want to be a new tradition But it is not a tradition alreadyThe fact that the author faded to black every single time things were looking up isn't inspiring me to give this book a better review Some hanky panky would have benefited this bookI know there are two books in this series And I do have them Unfortunately that has been a complete waste of my hard earned money as I'll surely never read themHaving thought about it I'm changing my review to 1 star instead of the 2 I was originally going to give

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Bluegrass State of Mind Summary ½ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ McKenna Mason a New York City attorney with a love of all things Prada is on the run from a group of powerful dangerous men McKenna turns to a teenage crush Will Ashton for help in starting a new life in beautiful horse country She finds that Will is now a handsome A nasty ex wife an ex boyfriend intent on killing her and a feisty race horse who refuses to race without a kiss Can Will and McKenna cross the finish line together and importantly ali. This book is an example of why people shouldn't get impatient and rush to publish their own books The writer and the story have potential butthe problems really were unfortunate and would have been dealt with by a professional editor or perhaps the author herself if she set it aside for an extended period The problems 1 Too many glaring grammar and spelling errors and 2 Contrived conflicts and resolutions that were too convenient Perhaps someone in a new relationship would be insecure enough to believe an ex wife's claim but Kenna didn't even call Will to chew him out or ask what the hell was going on And no one who has known this man and his manipulative ex wife for years doubts her claims or even suggests that Kenna should speak to Will Come on I wouldn't let my 5th grade students get away with that in their stories My suggestion to Kathleen Brooks is to keep writing congratulations on completing entire books but don't put something out there before it's really been through the mill The superior final product will make it worth taking the time to deal with the weaknesses