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Blood Red RoadEatable survivor and a cunning opponent Teamed up with a handsome daredevil named Jack and a gang of girl revolutionaries called the Free Hawks Saba’s unrelenting search for Lugh stages a showdown that will change the course of her own civilization ?. Full review posted Here’s a fun concept let’s write a book but instead of using actual WORDS we’ll just slam our palms against the keyboard repeatedly and then publish whatever we get1111 best sellerI want firstly to apologize to the synopsis of the book bc it was too good to be representing such an awful book remember this is my opinion Secondly I want to apologize to grammar rules of the English language I’m sorry this book killed you you deserved better And for those who think I am overreacting this is what we had to work with Lugh thinks fer a moment Then he says Love makes you weak Carin fer somebody that much means you cain’t think straight This book definitely takes place in a dystopian world because uotation marks are extinct So as you can see getting past the writing is a feat on its own which I was not able to overcome bc I was too busy clawing at my eyes after reading 3 sentences Thirdly saba is a terrible main character Not only is she a self pitying whiny loserhead but she’s so incredibly mean to her little sister it made me sick she even reached a point where she slapped her in hER FACE LIKE THE KID IS NINE YEARS OLD YOU PIECE OF TRASH And she went all ‘boo hoo woe is me what have I become’ but THAT DOESN’T MAKE UP FOR ITThis book tries REALLY hard to make it interesting and so it builds conflicts upon conflicts upon conflicts that result from some hella dumb decisions and are all so underdeveloped it’s just I can’t andthentheromancemeet prince charming “Like what you see Angel” he says At this point I was doing that ear shattering screech bc GET ME AWAY FROM THISAround 50% of wading through this swamp of a book I finally decided that I didn’t hate myself enough to continue and so I skimmed to the end and read a Wikipedia synopsis why are there so few of those I demand Wiki tells me that a few side characters who I didn’t particularly care about die in a very lame and unnecessary fashion and to this I say ha I knew this book wasn’t worth it And the characters are so dumb like they have absolutely NO game plan they don’t think twice about ANYTHING they trust EVERYONE like fricken just make it stop please Thus ends my suffering bc please don’t make me relive this book again “Yer in my blood Saba he says Yer in my head Yer in my breath yer in my bonesgawd help me yer everywhere You have bin since the first moment I set eyes on you”^can someone translate this into English for me thanks 1 star i never heard of this book in my entire life until my canadian sista told me and then i read the synopsis and died bc it sounds incredible Buddy read with my partner in crime my bleach bae

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In brother Lugh is around But when four cloaked horsemen capture Lugh Saba's world is shattered and she embarks on a uest to get him back  Suddenly thrown into the lawless ugly reality of the outside world Saba discovers she is a fierce fighter an unb. This is the novel that I wanted Graceling to be An alternate worldreality full of adventure with a hardcore warrior heroine and here's the key bit who doesn't feel the need to unsex herself à la Lady Macbeth and prove that she's not feminine In fact all the female characters are wonderfully strong and unforgiving no damsels finally and there's just a general sense of euality pretty much everyone is a warrior without a masculinity v femininity contest Where Graceling seemed in some ways downright offensive to a 'certain type' of women Blood Red Road has a heroine who is unapologetic of her gender and doesn't attempt to constantly prove herself by becoming stereotypically masculineSaba is a great heroine She makes no pretense of being some kind of saviour or martyr she simply has two missions find her brother and stay alive She uses violence throughout but only to accomplish her missions rather than some kind of demonstration of her worth I also liked the love interest of the novel even with all the unnecessary dithering about they both did with regards to one another it seems romance is never straight forwardThe dystopian element of the novel had just the right amount of action and horror without that I'm just cruisin along through this awful oppressive society like in Matched where it's damn near impossible to care about the characters because even they don't seem too bothered about the whole situation It was a refreshingly uick take off too I prepared myself for a slow start when I encountered dust clouds in the first few pages uh do I care but the novel got to the action almost instantly with a murder and kidnapping that's right no Diana Gabaldon style digression from the main story I've missed this kind of novel that get's into the thick of the plot right away Oh and another thing journies I love journies in novels when they're kept at a good fast pace you feel like there's constantly something happening Though the books are actually very different from Blood Red Road one of the main reasons I loved The Knife of Never Letting Go and Beyond the Deepwoods is because they had awesome fast paced journies throughout So yeah kudos for thatI know some people who've read ARCs of this didn't like the language style but I did I've always liked different accents dialect and collouialism It was different but a good kind of different Though on that subject I'd just like to finish with my own opinion of a bad kind of different What on earth is this bloody awful UK coverThe US version is a million and one times better

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Blood Red Road Free read õ 106 Ä Saba has spent her whole life in Silverlake a dried up wasteland ravaged by constant sandstorms The Wrecker civilization has long been destroyed leaving only landfills for Saba and her family to scavenge from That's fine by her as long as her beloved twin brother Lugh is around But when four cloaked horsemen capture LSaba has spent her whole life in Silverlake a dried up wasteland ravaged by constant sandstorms The Wrecker civilization has long been destroyed leaving only landfills for Saba and her family to scavenge from That's fine by her as long as her beloved tw. This review may contain mild spoilers but they're nothing that you won't see in the trailer for the film That's right Ridley Scott optioned this book for a film before it was even published and it's easy to see why It's a hugely entertaining spectacle full of adventure and excitement and thrills with action scenes that you can clearly picture as you read themSaba's twin brother Lugh has been kidnapped by a band of horsemen and she sets off alone on the uest to bring him back Well she tries to go alone but her pesky little sister Emmi keeps finding a way to tag along after her even though they're trekking through a dried up wasteland filled with danger around every turn Here are some of the things that made this story super fun Saba is a bad ass There's no beating around the bush about this the girl can handle a crossbow and won't let anything get in the way of her goal There is cage fighting Girl cage fighting There is a thrilling prison escape There are giant killer wormsI could go on and on but frankly if you weren't convinced by giant killer worms this is clearly not the book for you Oh But there is one very important thing Jack Tall handsome Jack Saba doesn't want to be distracted by anything but it's pretty hard not to pay attention to a guy as attractive as this one All of these things made Blood Red Road a great escapist fantasy and I think most people are really going to enjoy itThere were however some things that I felt could have used a little fleshing out While I liked the pivotal third cage fight the previous two fights were throwaway scenes which were lost opportunities for action Some of the transitions between scenes could have been a little smoother There are two scenes of sacrifice in this book both of which I expected but both could probably have been written to pack of an emotional punch I did appreciate the clear visual beauty of the first one however I also think the relationship in this book was probably its weakest point I like Jack a lot and I like Saba but the push and pull between them felt unreasonably drawn out and a little forced The dialogue there also bordered on a little cheesy at times though again I did like them as a couple It's also important to note that the dialect in this book which is harsh and a little grating may be hard for some readers to stomach Normally this kind of thing would be irritating to me but actually I found the speech in the book pretty easy to adjust to which is a mark of how great a job the author did with moving the action and dialogue along There is also lots of terrific humor and great characters peppered throughout though it might've been nice to give them a little ink What makes this book a 3 star book for me though is that it's an enjoyable read but perhaps one that's not terriblydeep Or complex But then again it's not really trying to be Overall the story is a lot of fun to read and the action and adventure provide one heck of a ride Saba's going to be remembered as a literary heroine who is prickly and flawed but still fiercely determined and ultimately extremely likable I can't wait to meet up with her again to see where the next journey takes her This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher