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Work not when she’s about to delve into the darkest mind she’s ever encounteredAs she starts to explore the twisted ruins of a sociopath’s psyche Jane realizes she may have finally met her match She knew this case would be a challenge but she didn’t expec. Netgalley copy giften in exchange of in honest review Tell me about the swans the way the swans circle the stars and shoot across the sky Tell me about the angels the angels in your heart that remind you of the beauty in a dayThird book in The Blood and Bone series While Sin and Swoon can be read as a standalone Soul and Blade can not It's the conclusion of a great mind fuck staring Jane the mind runner You get to find out about the 'whos' the 'wheres' and the 'whys' You get all the details and explanations Tara Brown is by far one of my favourite authors Her mind is twisted but golden and I love all of it

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Soul and BladeT to get caught in a mind bending nightmare Because this irredeemable murderer seems to know something about Jane that even she doesn’t something unspeakable lurking in her past Can she escape the killer’s derangement unscathed and ready to walk down the aisle. I was so anxious to get my hands on this book the final of the Blood and Bone trilogy Yes it was bittersweet because I knew it would be the end no Dash to make me melt and swoon and wave my pompoms for himRemember what you've read about in book 1 2 Forget about all of that This one's a seriously mind twister; Tara Brown once again manages to make me doubt everything and everyone including events from the previous booksThe last hurrah is also the most dangerous It can make or break our heroine Jane She could either gain or lose everything Yes I'm keeping it vague because I don't want to spoil it for anyone plus you should read it because it's awesome Don't really need a valid reason than thatAnd can I say how much I ADORE Dash Seriously he made me melt sigh and he broke my heart Just so you know I am on your side He leans back in kissing my nose I have always been on your sideIt's unbelievable how well Ms Brown has weaved this story I will reread these books many times and I'll get them as paperbacks to sit prettily on my shelf Then when I feel the need for a dose of Dash I just grab one of the three books and voilaSo yes Loved it Definitely the best of all three 5 stars Copy provided through NetGalley in exchange of honest review Thank you

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Soul and Blade Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Å Being a mind runner isn’t easy but catching criminals is all that matters to Jane Spears Though her job may be gruesome she’s not willing to stop just yet And even as she admires the ring from her fiancé she has no intention of letting a wedding sidetrack her work—notBeing a mind runner isn’t easy but catching criminals is all that matters to Jane Spears Though her job may be gruesome she’s not willing to stop just yet And even as she admires the ring from her fiancé she has no intention of letting a wedding sidetrack her. A mind runner’s journeyThis is the third and final book in the Blood and Bone series that should be read in series order this book continues and builds on events that occurred previously and provides another thrilling ride and a most satisfactory resolution to everythingOur heroine Jane Spears never expected that she’d be doing a mind run into her current subjects’ subconscious her own colleague and a proven sociopath She’s in the mind run of a mind runner and she’s met her match as he turns the tables on her and she can’t readily find her way out of his psyche It takes every mind trick she can imagine every bit of inner strength to exit the nightmare the run has become but not without lingering conseuences There are repercussions to too many mind runs and Jane has maxed out her trips When the subject knows things about yourself that you don’t know you’re left wondering afterwards about the truths of what you’ve known and you seek answers Jane is like a dog with the scent of a buried bone she won’t stop until she uncovers it and we the readers follow her on the journey of a lifetime The author has given us another mindfck of a read with a wickedly complex plot and awesome devious twists that personally impact the heroine but if anyone could handle what was thrown her way it would be Jane She finally unravels the clues within her psyche that have always been there and that were her own to find deep within the labyrinth that is her mind So many secrets were kept from her by not just her own mind but by the one who loved her for so long There comes a time when you have to face your truths to move forward in life no matter how horrid they might be This was a great story a journey of discovery and acceptance not to mention some necessary payback Jane is one hell of a kick ass heroine her fiancé the most loyal lover a woman could have for Dash has always been there for herThis book was the perfect ending to the series and also a wonderful beginning for Jane Spears as she starts out her married life with the wedding of all weddings The author Tara Brown has a remarkable insidious imagination She created an amazing series that kept this reader enraptured from page one of the first book with non stop action and suspense and intricate incredible mysteries to be solved with the added psychological factor of the mind runs The main characters were compelling well developed with emotional depth the villains so seriously evil This reader is looking forward to what the author comes up with nextARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley