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Mia Winters was a perfectly normal junior at Yale University Until she accidentally witnessed a secret lovers' rendezvous Now blackmailed into silence a sexual hunger has awoken inside of her and there's only one way to satiate it but she's not sure she wants to Of course Julian Roth her gorgeous and brilliant TA and Tristan Mia finds herself in a really complicated situation when she sneaks in a closet and accidentally discovers a secret Julian is her TA and Tristan is one of her classmates in Yale university but they never seemed to get along well They may share the same floor in their dorms but they never thought that they would share things togetherMeanwhile everything's on stake for Tristan because he wants to join a secret society and he doesn't need any complications happening in his way The uestion is if he will be able to resist those complications and if they will improve his life or destroy everything on their way God I want to fck them Either of them Both of them Wow this book was hot I suppose it had been a long time since I had read MMF and this probably came at the perfect time I really liked the writing the characters were well written and I definitely have a clear image of their personalities their thoughts and actions Although at first I couldn't understand the whole blackmail situation but moving forward on the book you see that the author had already predicted that I think that it's a very intriguing story and of course a very steamy one I definitely liked the relationship between Julian and Tristan Mia and Julian Mia and Tristan and of course all three of them together I can't wait to see how the story will unravel especially after that ending that indeed surprised me ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Blackmail an MMF EroticaMasters her eually gorgeous but loathsome classmate may not give her a choice The closer she gets to them the she is drawn into the world of old money family dynasties and secret societies all worlds she never intended to discover Will she let herself go down the proverbial rabbit hole or will her better judgement win out in Surprised I am going to be completely honest here When I was asked to read this book I had strong reservations that I wasn't really going to enjoy it or uite frankly finish it I'm very happy to say that I was dead wrong I than enjoyed this book It was damn good and it's not typical menage a tois I will admit I have strong thing for Tristan even though he is an ass most of the time I really really like him I'm also wanting so much of him And secretly hoping him and Mia end up together

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Blackmail an MMF Erotica Book ☆ 317 pages Download º Mia Winters was a perfectly normal junior at Yale University Until she accidentally witnessed a secret lovers' rendezvous Now blackmailed into silence a sexual hunger has awoken inside of her and there's only one way to satiate it but she's not sure she wants to Of course JuThe war between what her brain thinks and what her body craves? This work of fiction is erotica meaning that sexual encounters are descriptively explicit and extensive This novel features a MMF relationship meaning two men and one woman are all involved in a three way sexual relationship Content is inappropriate for non adult When Yale student Mia Winters catches classmate Tristan Masters and TA Julian Roth getting' jiggy wit it while she's hiding in the closet she's stunned And so are they when they catch her red handed To even the blackmail scale the guys record the three of them having sex much to her mortification But as the semester skims by the men can seem to stay away from Mia and eventually the three of them are all over each other any chance they get With Tristan's future with the Yale secret society Skeleton Key in the balance he knows he can't afford to do anything to screw up his chanceslike dating a guy or hooking up with a nobody girl They're all walking a fine line of propriety and secrets and sex but where it all ends is anyone's guess I steer clear of YANA reads as a rule but when the author's friend contacted me to review BLACKMAIL I thought I'd give it a shot since I do love me some MMF action And Ms Watson's first novel doesn't disappoint because BLACKMAIL was one erotic scene after the other with vivid sexcapades all over Yale's campus I'll admit being confused as hell during 9 out of 10 conversations the characters had as many of the discussions consisted of their philosophical opinionsat least I think that's what it was that's a guess as it's been awhile since I've employed that much brain power to ancient tomes Honestly Ms Watson could be either a reincarnated Aristotle or BS'ing her way through the dialoguemany of us wouldn't ever know Having never been to Yale I also stumbled over how the characters kept ending up at Berkeleyuntil I figured out with a forehead smack that it's campus housing Way to make a chick with several degrees feel stupid Ms Watson Anyway the thing I didn't like about BLACKMAIL is the thing I dislike about most college age stories and real life students the utter lack of maturity and inability to see past their next exam or bed partner their obsession with status and the right clubsfriendswineopinion to increase said status And while I didn't care for that aspect of the book the author nonetheless wrote it very true to life annoyances and all There is a massive cliffhanger ending that I kind of saw coming but the way it was written had me going from maybe I'll catch the next one if it becomes available to I gotta get this as soon as it's releasedBottom Line HOT HOT HOT MMF sex and sharing; very little condom use; no BDSMkink; no sexual assault; no violencemurder