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Before I Let You InFrom the No1 bestselling author of HOW I LOST YOU which Clare Mackintosh called 'utterly gripping' comes a chilling new novel Perfect for fans of Louise Jensen's THE SISTER and Katerina Diamond' 5 Oh My Stars to Before I Let You In ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I saw an ecstatic teaser from my friend Melisa and knew I had to read Before I Let You In asap Not only did I have it in my hot little hands the same day I devoured it in 24 hours The scoop Before I Let You In is about three close friends who seem to have it all Bea is single and enjoying it Eleanor is happily married with kids Karen is a psychiatrist in a long term relationship One day a new patient of Karen’s starts offering information piece by piece that could only be about Karen and her friends Shake all those ingredients up and BAM Explosions in all kinds of directionsSo what I may have figured out most of the twists before they were revealed but it did not matter I had to keep reading because 1 The book is perfectly written with exceptional pacing 2 You bet your sweet bippy I had to know if I was right Bottom line Before I Let You In is a fresh thriller in a market where that’s not always easy Having a main character as a psychiatrist instantly lured me in and I enjoyed every racing heartbeat I experienced playing detective while devouring this remarkable story Thank you to Jenny Blackhurst please keep writing AtriaEmily Bestler Books and Netgalley for the ARC Before I Let You In is now available

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S THE SECRET Linda Green and Paula HawkinsKaren is meant to be the one who fixes problemsIt's her job as a psychiatrist and it's always been her role as a friendBut Jessica is different She shou Thank you to Netgalley and Headline publishing for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest reviewHold The Front Page Just when I thought the psychological thrillers I've been reading couldn't get any better along comes 'Before I Let You In' and it just blows me away Karen Eleanor and Bea have been close friends ever since starting school Now as adults they still meet up for coffee on a regular basis and keep in touch in between Karen is the 'fixer' she has always assumed the role of 'mother hen' looking out for her friends and being there for them in times of need This friendship though is about to be overwhelmed by events that will knock the living daylights out of themJenny Blackhurst has written a cracking psychological thriller here it's complex and very clever as she reveals a loose thread within this friendship that will completely unravel in a most scary and devastating manner The characters were great the plot was superb and I believe it deserves every one of those 5 stars that I've rated it completely and utterly gripping

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Download Doc ↠ Before I Let You In ✓ 358 pages Ð Naturaltreatment Û From the No1 bestselling author of HOW I LOST YOU which Clare Mackintosh called 'utterly gripping' comes a chilling new novel Perfect for fans of Louise Jensen's THE SISTER and Katerina Diamond's THE SECRET Linda Green anLd be the patient the one that Karen helpsBut she knows things about Karen Her friends her personal life Things no patient should knowAnd Karen is starting to wonder if she should have let her i ‘Listen and help doesn’t sound very proactive to me Why is it that people pay you so much money just to act as a brick wall What’s so special about you’ c ‘You can’t fix me’ c Aren’t we all uite the Pollyannas cControl's a big point in this novel Control and obsession Lots of thoseKaren well she's not a very good psychologist She basically has way too many issues of her own to be effective in this field Many people will not agree with this POV but that's actually a practice thing Psychologists who want to get to the top and stay there go to psychologists of their own Not just Robert occasionally The jumping POV was a really good thing for this novel A very effective creative solution that allowed it to have the insight into most of the important characters without it feeling too intrusive or plastic or made up The twist not too believable It was like 'she flew off the handle'The ending well Very cramped up and it's probably not making too much sense It was of the 'she's crazy and therefore she does crazy stuff in crazy ways' I know what you’re doing I know what you’ve done c The crazy viper women strikeShe understood it in the same way as she understood professional men who visited prostitutes; it wasn’t about the money or the silence it was about the control cEight years of psychiatry had taught her reactions to hover below the surface never breaking through to the onlooker The ultimate poker player c sat back on the chair facing Jessica It was purposely an inch lower than the sofa giving her patients the sense of control many didn’t feel in the outside world cJessica Hamilton was no different to anyone else And yet that was how she felt different cKaren couldn’t stand bad language; it made her feel uncomfortable and insecure She supposed it stemmed from her days at school reminding her of the goody goody she’d been afraid to use bad words while the cool kids peppered their conversation with gutter talk Or maybe from before that Long before c I don't think this psychologist is much good with her profession Not with thisI messed with a few things on her calendar made sure she missed a few appointments It made me feel good in control’ I’ve been so busy at work that last week I missed a dentist’s appointment and a talk by a leading psychiatrist that I’d been looking forward to for months Clean forgot to write them on the calendar’I’m losing things forgetting things My keys went missing for a week I got new ones cut and do you know where I found them In my underwear drawer God only knows how they got in there It’s enough to make you uestion your sanity c Red red herringTravis Yapp was the embodiment of every cuss word Bea had ever uttered Travis had impressed the right people said and done everything that was expected of him Karen didn’t like the implication that she hadn’t c Seriously This is a special issue that many careerist overachievers shareShe hadn’t really believed in the whole glass ceiling thing when she was at university but the doubt she’d held so strongly about its existence was beginning to wane cThey teach it on the first day of the “Aren’t You Glad You Have a Penis” course cShe might not have the family she’d hoped for as a child but at least she had her career – finally she felt her choices were going to be vindicated cObsession It starts slowly like a train pulling out of a station You can still see the houses and trees around you you can still make out the details of people in their windows or dark green tractors in their light green fields; then it starts to gain momentum and the houses are still there but the people aren’t visible in the windows any Colours start to blur dark green bleeds into light and you realise that if you don’t find a way to get off now you are going to spin off the track altogether cA series of unfortunate events that jolted our lives off their tracks Sliding door moments they call them cin that instant I almost felt the flapping of the butterfly wings that would cause a tsunami in our lives cExcitement at doing something that was just for her cHow anyone got through their lives without a set of bullet pointed tasks to guide them she would never understand cWhen did it become socially acceptable to sit in someone’s house and hold conversations with people not even in the room How would they react if she got out a book and started reading it in front of them c Love itPeople responded to you differently when you were well turned out; you were treated with less suspicion Just because you spent an extra half an hour slicking on some make up on top of the mask you already wore day after day it was assumed you knew what you were doing If you were presentable you must be okay You could maintain a modicum of control cFeeling slightly smug about how much better than her colleagues she was going to feel in the morning she left the office without so much as a backward glance but still keenly aware of the sidelong looks her friends were giving one another cWhen in actual fact she wasn’t desperate to be loved by another person; all she wanted was to feel the slightest bit of affection for herself Bea wanted to be a success at something Anything cCognitive dissonance wasn’t that what Karen called it This feeling that two separate people existed inside her constantly fightin