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Ebook Û Basal Ganglia ê 120 pages Download ¸ Basal Ganglia casts an unsettling spell but one that in its aphoristic intensity and lightning flash insights into human loneliness and connection achieves a genuine empathic wisdom SERGIO DE LA PAVA author of A Naked SingularityMatthew Revert is one of the visionaries What else canMan to their strange world she decides she will knit the baby using materials Rollo gathers from the fort The emergence of this baby leads to paranoia between Rollo and Ingrid with both believing the other means the child harm Within the confines of their cloistered world the two engage in psychological warfare desperately searching for a conclusion they don't understand As a result they will find connection with their past each other and the true nature of their identiti I wrote this review for DigBoston you can check it out here with all the pretty pictures included Basal Ganglia is a heartbreaking dreamlike meditation on love isolation the limits of communication the divide of gender the fear of parenting uestioning what is the self and the dangers of obsession and controlAlso it’s about pillow fortsI’d like to say that the book had me at pillow forts but really I am just a sucker for a well executed meditation on human isolation both emotional and physical and the way it can bring all that’s wrong with us to the forefront Basicially I’m into rom comsEssentially Matthew Revert’s Basal Ganglia details the implosion of two lovers Rollo and Ingrid who live in an enormous pillow fort and who are both afraid the other is trying to harm their new babyThe various sections of the massive fort are named after different sections of the brain and as a reader you’re never uite sure if this is supposed to be a tip off that Rollo and Ingrid and their whole blanket fort world are meant to be allegorical and that they actually represent personifications of the different parts of the human mind The author lets you make up your own mind on this and never plants his flag firmly on either side of the debate Mostly because that doesn’t really matterEven if Rollo and Ingrid are meant to be symbols they are also importantly fully fleshed out characters and as readers we care about them and what happens to them throughout the bookOnce I understood the basic plot points of the book I thought I was getting prepared for something like The Shining set in a pillow fort instead of a haunted hotel I was wrong Even though that does sound kind of batshit great what Revert does with this setting and his characters is far better than thatDespite its fantastic setting and surreal tone the book isn’t about giving you answers regarding how this world and the blanket fort come to be Likewise the book also isn’t really about parading around a menagerie of weird ideas just to dazzle the reader with its own exotic imagination No this book uses its unusual trappings to explore how men and women in love interact with one another in a startlingly fresh wayIt uses the absurdity and alienness of this little vacuum world to lure you into a character study about what a relationship is when stripped of all outside influences How this can foster the intimacy of an arrangement but then uickly cripple and poison the connection between two peopleBasal Ganglia is a book about what happens when the sanctuary and fortress you’ve built in your mind to keep you safe also end up preventing anyone from getting closeAnd how that can destroy youBecause inextricably part of who we are is the people who are close to usI first became aware of Matthew Revert from his images The man has designed some of the most elegantly decimated cover art for fiction that I’ve ever seenThe first time I saw his work it was gracing covers for a slew of books published by Lazy Fascist Press a consortium of high minded weirdoes who write interesting and strange fiction I was very taken by his cover art for other authors but when I found out that he also wrote his own fiction and that it was damn good I was actually kind of pissed offNo one person should horde all that talentIt isn’t fair to the rest of us and it just makes Revert too goddamn powerful as a creator Hopefully there’s something he isn’t good at I mean even Prince can’t play brass And no matter how good Revert is he can’t be better than PrinceEarly Prince natchWhen reading Basal Ganglia you begin to understand that Revert holds a mastery over words as well as images His prose is as carefully chaotic and ornately orchestrated as his cover artMuch of the writing here feels philosophical almost platonic in its tone“It is in the darkness of our secrets that our personality is born”There is a uavering syncopated beautifully wounded heart that powers this work It hides itself poorly for all its cunning and by the end of the book you’re allowed to witness it in all of its tattered and fragile gloryAt one point Revert writes “A new symphony drowning out the old” That’s how this book feels Like an invitation to a new world of music To uote one of the aforesaid Prince’s musical idols Jimi Hendrix“So to you I shall put an end Then you’ll never hear surf music again”Basal Ganglia is published by Lazy Fascist Press and you can purchase at

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Ors the structure of the human brain Construction of the fort takes 25 years and once complete their life exists to honor the fort in all it reuires Basal Ganglia begins countless years after they have become enslaved to the fort process Rollo and Ingrid have lost any connection to their pasts and each other Nothing exists beyond the patterns reuired by the fort In an effort to become than stasis Ingrid expresses her desire to have a baby Not wanting to subject another hu This was a fascinating read for me It is a love story but that really gives no indication of what really lies within It is not the story per se but how that story is told that really stood out to meAs a young couple in love Rollo and Ingrid do not fit in with the rest Feeling ostracized they make the decision to build an underground fort all their own isolated from the rest of the world Years later the story begins as they have drifted from each other rarely speaking and only focused on fort related tasks Here are a few examples of the language used to convey the storyThe knowledge he has to let go is much worse than the moment it happens We invent attachments that feed on past loss Silent fear finds its voice in objects we keep reaching a volume we cannot ignore when goodbye arrivesHe is not permitted to respond in the manner he would like A thought passes through many filters before it emerges as something communicated Each filter works to remove venom Spite Responsibility Rollo's filters remove so much there is nothing left to communicate I am fine Just Hungry When do we start Though the writing is very descriptive and deep in it's perceptions of what is going on it still maintains a transparency The way the characters their situation and their behaviors are analyzed is something beyond comparison Revert connects all of these things brilliantly to abstract and real world concepts in a way I have not seen before I found myself perceiving and interpreting my reality differently while reading and will continue to do so because of this book

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Basal GangliaBasal Ganglia casts an unsettling spell but one that in its aphoristic intensity and lightning flash insights into human loneliness and connection achieves a genuine empathic wisdom SERGIO DE LA PAVA author of A Naked SingularityMatthew Revert is one of the visionaries What else can you say SCOTT MCCLANAHAN author of Hill William and CrapalachiaAs teenagers two lovers Rollo and Ingrid escape the world as it is known to live underground in a sprawling pillow fort that mirr This review was originally written for and posted at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography's site I purchased the book albeit wildly discounted during a bizarro bingeSometimes a uick read highlights the enduring poignancy of a book's message; sometimes it's a matter of a novel being meant as a one sitting escape into a world that goes far beyond the distance between two covers And sometimes a book is mercifully uick not because it's a chore to read but because like pulling off a practically grafted to your arm Band aid it hurts less just to get it over with so the reader and the tortured characters can all move on as painlessly and as uickly as possibleSuch is the case with Matthew Revert's Basal Ganglia an ostensibly odd novella that is at its core a meditation on the fine line that separates the contended familiarity of marital habits from brewing hostility Its main and only really characters are Rollo and Ingrid who began as teenage lovers and are now both consumed with and isolated by the underground pillow and blanket fort that Rollo had built to mirror the structure of the human brain and has been indefatigably maintaining for years With no connection to the outside world all external conflict has been removed; what unites them in purpose has removed any common enemies that would strengthen their roles as teammates leaving them to foster alternately resentment and indifference between them Ingrid soon declares that she wants a child but is reluctant to expose another life to their strange secluded world asking that Rollo play his part in the creation of a new life by gathering materials intended for repairing the fort so she can use them to knit their babyWhat ensues is a cautionary tale about all consuming love Rollo and Ingrid have reduced the entirety of their world to nothing than the two of them and the fort losing sight of themselves as one whole comprising two parts that possess histories and individual identities The arrival of the baby a thing that Ingrid protects with such a fiercely believable maternal instinct that I'd find myself worrying about the newborn's safety at certain points brings their long suppressed issues screaming to the surface turning their knitted offspring into a nonliving but tangible thing that becomes the embodiment of the couple's living but intangible hostilities Both Rollo and Ingrid fear the other will inflict some harm on the baby and damn near tear down their decades old fort in her efforts to keep the baby from him and his need to know that the baby really exists as the still totally inanimate baby uickly supplants the fort as the ultimate manifestation of their union only to just as swiftly become the physical representation of the psychological war that has finally erupted between the coupleOne of the things that struck me most immediately about this novella is the gender roles that Rollo and Ingrid assume not just in terms of their level playing field and strength but also how they each assume traits of the other's gender to their benefit Allowing the child to be the tipping point for both characters makes for some of the most overtly effective shattering of gender dictated stereotypes I've seen in a while which I think can be attributed to three things Rollo and Ingrid's individual perspectives receiving eual attention; getting to see how the arrival of a child affects the father just as much as the mother on an individual basis as well as within the confines of a relationship that has shifted focus as it has expanded to include a third; and that both characters possess ualities and characteristics that are presumed to exist almost exclusively within the realm of the other's gender some examples Rollo has experienced the joy of creation by way of the fort both he and Ingrid tend to with almost parental obsession and Rollo unlike Ingrid begins lactating by the end of the book; Ingrid sprouted a beard before the novella began and assumes the masculine role of the protector in terms of their child Such atypically balanced and implicitly empathetic regard for gender makes the emotional turmoil of wanting having and raising children all of which come with the knee jerk fear of overwhelming responsibility bitterly feuding with the emotional satisfaction of being charged with the care and protection of a totally dependant being all wrapped up in a life changing event rife with the potential to wreak havoc on man and woman alikeThe yarn Revert spins could be just another take on the familiar tale of a relationship on the rocks and that ill advised last ditch efforts to fix years of unacknowledged damage with a baby but its ability to refashion an ordinary situation into something extraordinary with its offbeat elements a pillow fort and a knitted child mainly keeps things refreshingly focused There is no fear of childhood scars bringing itself to the forefront because the child in uestion is made of the same materials as the fort a fort that is its builder's very own return to the womb if I knew about psychology I'd have something clever to say about the yawning chasm between the part of the body the fort actually represents and that upon which its design is based Rollo has spent so much time and effort making sure his fort keeps the outside out that he has neglected life inside the fort and is in no way emotionally prepared for a child either the care it needs or the issues it will inevitably drudge up The fort is rich in symbolic purpose demonstrating how two people can work toward a common goal in isolation underscoring the dangers of living for one obsessive purpose and detailing what happens when a life becomes all purpose and no pleasure Basal Ganglia is devastating fascinating brutally honest and cautiously hopeful But most of all it offers insight and imagination in eual measures offering both a new take on an old story and compelling characters who breathe oceans of sympathetic humanity into what often err on the side of black and white arguments