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Download ↠ Bad Boy Blues Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Cleopatra Paige hates one thing in this world just one and his name is Zachariah PrinceIn grade school he pulled at her pigtails In middle school he spread false rumors about her And in high school he ruined her prom She hates thatNd she wants to stay as far away from him as possible But unfortunately for Cleo she lives in the same freaking mansion as Zach Only he’s the prince and she’s the lowly maid who serves him #EnemiesToLovers #ZachAndCleo #AssholeAlpha #Angst #NewAdult. And so begins my hit or miss relationship with Ms Kent

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Ly sexy And she definitely loathes that his dark eyes seem to follow her everywhere Sometimes even in her dreams It doesn’t matter that he’s rich and popular or that he lives in a freaking mansion full of butlers and maids He’s rude and arrogant a. MY REVIEW AND OTHERS can also be found on my blog ➽ KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS Even though this one had a lot of mixed reviews I was excited once it landed on my kindle release day life went on hold This was well worth the money a full length romance novel that threw out all the feels this book was than I expected the characters had so many layers to them Lately I’ve been binge reading bad boy bullies and this was right up my alley It all started back when they were so young Zachariah Prince aka Zach was twelve and she was ten it was in grade school when it all started by the pulling of her pigtails right up till highschool where he still managed to make her life a living hell My hatred for him was so strong that I never paid attention to anything below the surface The thing with Cleo is that no matter what came her way she never took it sitting down she fought back tooth and nail And because of all the bullying she despises him with a vengeance and has done so for than a decade When girls my age were falling in love with cute boys I was falling in hate with Zach The bullying the ridicule it wasn’t until they were older that they were both made accountable for their actionsFor me the pace between the two characters was perfect the banter the swoony moments the angst were implemented perfectly These two came from different worlds his family lived on the south side where all the rich people resided sitting in their mansions surrounded by butlers and maids looking down on their minions She was born on the other side of the divided line The north side where the people don't have a lot of money After graduation he abruptly with no word to anyone leaves town never to look back and she goes and works as a maid up in the mansion for his family College wasn't an option for Cleo Life was okish UNTIL he comes back Now she lives where he lives She lives here too the girl with the blue hair The girl who bore the brunt of all my hatred and who I haven't stopped thinking about since I saw her the first time when I was twelve We slowly learn why he was the way he was towards Cleo he has so many layers to him such a complex character that had many flaws but delve deeper and like most he just wanted someone to give a damn the misunderstood bad boy      

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Bad Boy BluesCleopatra Paige hates one thing in this world just one and his name is Zachariah PrinceIn grade school he pulled at her pigtails In middle school he spread false rumors about her And in high school he ruined her prom She hates that his smirks are unfair. Rating 45 ‘my dark prince’ 🌟 Song Recommendation Main Hoon Hero Tera with English translationAankhon Ke Panno Pe On the pages of my eyesMaine Likha Tha Sau Dafa I had written this a hundred timesLafzon Mein Jo Ish Tha The love that was written by me in wordsHua Na Hothon Se Bayaan Couldn’t be conveyed by my lips voice Review It feels as though Saffron A Kent writes books just for meHer books never fail to invigorate my soul and I love her for it If you are looking for light romances I wouldn’t recommend SAK’s novels BUT if you are looking for deep emotional tumultuous passionate angsty and scorching romances SAK would the author to go with He wraps his hand around my neck and growls “Who are you” Even though I have very little energy left I still arch my back As if his voice is a call from my master “Your prize” Bad Boy Blues had everything I would expect from a SAK novel Curvy vulnerable and brave heroine who isn’t afraid to pursue her love ✔Brooding yet possessive hero who is a panty melting dirty talker ✔Angsty bully romance with undertone of enemies to lovers romance ✔Delicious and perfect amount of push and pull between H and h ✔Scorching and passionate sex scenes ✔Finally heartfelt ending where h manages to bring H down to his knees and worship her like she deserves ✔✔✔ “Start talking” he growls and it goes straight to my lower tummy “About what” His jaw ticks “You smile at me Then you invite me to have dinner with you I eat the food It was fucking delicious so I eat some Meanwhile you’re blushing You can’t look at me But every time I try to leave you stop me So I’m asking you why the fuck are you acting like a bad rash I can’t get rid of” BBB revolves around Cleopatra Paige who is working as a maid for her bully’s parents because she is desperate to save money to buy back her family home from the bank after her parents died Cleo doesn’t mind working there because Zach Prince left their town after he ruined her prom three years ago Cleo’s determination to work there wavers with the sudden appearance of Zach He is back in town for his parents and much to Cleo and Zach’s dismay there is still a singeing awareness between them despite their resentment for each other As Cleo spends time at Zach’s house while working and interacts with Zach she realizes that there is much to her bully than she realized and it puts her plans and her heart in danger That’s the thing about bullying isn’t it It isn’t confined to a single moment No Bullying has conseuences It creates ripples that span for years Sometimes for an entire life I liked this bully romance because it was uniue than the others While other bully romances focus on the romance budding from their circumstances SAK also focuses on bullying and how it impacted Cleo and Zach It also shows that while bullying in school has gained awareness there are other forms of bullying that exists that can cause just as much if not harm and pain My heart broke for Zach and the bullying that he suffered through ever since he was a child While I don’t justify his bullying of Cleo I understood that he channeled the hate stemming from his own bullying towards Cleo I understood that because he wasn’t taught otherwise he released the bitter emotions inside him to fuel his resentment of Cleo And Cleo understood too once she got to know Zach better after he return following the three year separation and I am in awe of how she stood up to Zach’s bully and supported him throughout the book Once she realized her love she owned up to it no matter how dire the conseuences got Their broken souls recognized each other and it resulted in this beautifully agonizing story “I didn’t want to run any” “Why not” Because he is to me what sharp objects are to fragile thingsWe are destiny Zach and IYou can’t outrun fate You can’t stop a moth from perishing in flames and you can’t stop a sharp object from making a fragile thing bleed No matter how deeply I’m in love with Cleo and Zach’s story there are two things that bothered me and prevented me from giving this book a perfect rating – no matter how badly I wanted toFirst after Zach’s crude behavior upon Cleo’s love confession I wanted Cleo to have resolve against Zach’s attempts at winning her back Zach’s groveling at the end hit all the right places for me but I wanted MORE Second I was expecting Art Cleo's five year old neighbor to end up with Zach and Cleo at the end I loved how much time they both spent with Art and the way Art had come to recognize Zach and Cleo as his support system so it bothered me when Cleo and Zach just left Art in their old town despite Art struggling with bullying at school “I haven’t just loved you for years I’ve loved you for lifetimesI don’t love you with all my heart I love you with all my soul You’re in the core of me You’re in my fucking essence And no one can take that away from me Not even death” Overall I loved this book Cleo and Zach’s passionate and emotional love story touched my heart in ways that I can describe and I couldn’t help but cheer as they got their HEA because they both truly deserved it SAK’s writing spun a magical web that completely ensnared me BBB was a deep emotional tumultuous passionate angsty and scorching romance for me Highly recommended for people who love angsty bully romances I’m going after her Not because she’s mine but because I’m hers