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doc ✓ Eyes of Silver ¸ Eyes of Gold ✓ naturaltreatment Ù Eyes is a story of family conflicts set in Colorado in 1885 Unmarried at 28 Anne Wells is a disgrace to her rigidly conventional family Cord Bennett is the black sheep of the Bennett clan When these two misfits are found alone together violeFamily Cord Bennett is the black sheep of the Bennett clan When these two misfits are found alone together violence explodes Can Wow words can express how much I enjoyed this book Anne and Cord were amazing together I loved how strong and brave they both were Anna had such a cute outgoing personality Cord was the strong silent type but had a sweet side that he mostly only let Anne see There was such a great build up to their relationship that it felt real I will say that I wished for blood when it came to the bad guys getting what was coming to them I felt they got off the hook to easy But that is just me I'm bloodthirsty I wanted Cord or Anne to get to kill them and nothing else would have been good enough for me I think Ellen O'Connell did such a good job of building up the town characters and relationships that I was total invested in not just the main couple but their families as well I am so glad I try this book

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Eyes is a story of family conflicts set in Colorado in 1885 Unmarried at 28 Anne Wells is a disgrace to her rigidly conventional As he finally stopped fighting sleep he wondered if maybe just occasionally the gods designed a woman fit for a king or a prince and then gave her to an ordinary man Maybe they did such a thing once in a while knowing an ordinary man would treasure her love her better Maybe they even let him keep her — for a while Wow Where to begin well I'll start with that uote It's one of my favorite hero uotes from any book I've read and in just a few sentences shows us Cord's hope and his heart And reading it again for the umpteenth time knowing what led up to it I'm having a hard time holding back the tearsCord Bennett is an outcast a savage a pariah He has no real friends and even his family is afraid of him Under different circumstances that is to say if he were like the other 'normal' men in town the things he’s done would be understandable but his father was white and his mother was Cherokee so Cord is – gasp – a half breed and nothing about him is the least bit acceptableAnne Wells isn’t the proper young woman her parents want her to be She’s not a ravishing beauty or in the least bit biddable She’s stubborn and again– gasp – she thinks for herself so when her father arranges her marriage to a man who is all kinds of repulsive Anne not only makes her displeasure known she does everything she can to make sure the wedding never takes place When Anne’s father stoops to an all time low thinking he can force her into agreeing Anne knows that she needs to escape the hell that has become her life before it’s too late But when she chose to hide in Cord Bennett’s barn and ask for his help she had never even considered that the hell she had escaped was nothing compared to that which she and Cord would have to endure togetherI really don't think I'll be able to explain why this story evoked such a deep wide range of emotions well not and do it coherently anyway I was so angry at times so heartbroken at others sobbing so hard I was shaking and my chest hurt Maybe it was just timing Maybe had I read this another day week or month it wouldn’t have affected me the way it did but honestly I don’t think timing had anything to do with it It was the characters their story their determination to live their lives in peace their incredible strength of character and their pride It was their unwillingness to allow others to break them their ability to find happiness in the smallest things But most importantly it was what they found in each other; someone to share with To share the work the heartache the joy the secrets they'd kept buried for so long someone to make being alone seem less lonely And they saw in each other what no one else could see Kindness Honor Generosity of spirit And most importantly through all the adversity all the heartbreak and trials they found in each other a happily ever after for the ages The bottom line Cord and Anne captured my heart and when their story broke it into a million pieces they were there to put it back together again The writing isn't flawless but it's all of the things I mentioned the sorrow the joy the sacrifice determination and devotion all of these things combined have made Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold one of my favorite stories ever and Cord and Anne have than earned their place of honor on my Top Couples of All Time shelf If you love stories whose characters touch your heart who pull you in and don’t let go if you want their trials and triumphs to really mean something then you’ll want to get your hands on this book as uickly as possibleThis is a beautiful story one I won't soon forget Thank you Autumn From the bottom of my heart thank you because without your encouragement and generosity I probably would have never read this story and

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Eyes of Silver Eyes of GoldAnne and Cord use the freedom of being condemned for sins they didn’t commit to make a life together in spite of their families Not just a romance but a love story beautifully toldAt twenty eight Anne Wells should be too old to be running away from home But her wealthy controlling and abusive father wants her married even if it is to a man as old and as mean as he is After leaving home and sheltering from a storm in a barn overnight Anne wakes up the next morning to a familiar pair of unusual gold eyes watching her The long silence threatened to become awkward so she ventured Good morningMornin' His voice was deep soft and as expressionless as his faceI suppose you wonder what I'm doing here in your barn?Set in Colorado 1885 Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold is Ellen O'Connell's debut Cord Bennett a 'half breed' with a white father and a Cheyenne mother has been shunned and misunderstood by family and locals alike The only person who has ever shown him any real kindness has been Anne having known each other since they were both tenThis is my fourth read of this book since it was published in 2010 and my appreciation for this story has grown with each reading I'm a huge fan of westerns and have read all the greats of the genre including Jodi Thomas Lorraine Heath Maggie Osborne Penelope Williamson Jo Goodman et al There is no doubt that Ellen O'Connell can be named among the greats of historical western romancesThere is a surprising depth to this story Though the romance is the focus Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold also deals with the details of life in Colorado in the 1880s particularly Cord's business of raising horses a marriage of convenience family drama and racial prejudiceHaving read and loved all Ms O'Connell's books one of the things that she does so well is write memorable couples Often for me it's only the hero who makes an impact but she's one of very few authors who writes heroines who are eual to their heroes Protective sexy Cord is the very embodiment of the strong silent type Anne is his eual and as strong and as resilient and likable as Cord A meant to be couple From the dialogue to the growing romance the sex scenes life on the ranch this story is believable If you're a fan of historical western romances or would like to read one you won't find better than Ellen O'Connell and Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold Highly recommendedSteam 25 3