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Maulever Hall reader Ú Paperback read ☆ jane aiken hodge Ò After a violent coach accident Marianne wakes with no memory and no idea who she is or where she was going — a name on her brooch the single clue to her identityAccompanied only by a young boy Marianne finds herself lost afraid and penniless ConvincAfter a violent coach accident Marianne wakes with no memory and no idea who she is or where she was going a name on her brooch the single clue to her identityAccompanied only by a young boy Marianne finds herself lost afraid and penniless Convinced she’s being followed she pleads for help at the nearest village and is offered refuge by a lonely wid This was my first Jane Aiken Hodge book and though it was a nice sedate book it just wasn't anything exciting to write home about Marianne comes to after a bump on a head to discover she knows nothing of who she is and who the young boy in her charge is the only clue to her identity is a brooch she wears After finding herself in these dire straits she is befriended by Mrs Maulever an eccentric woman who brings her to Maulever Hall where she becomes a companion As she recuperates Mrs Maulever prepares Marianne to meet her elusive seldom home son Mark and his future intended Lady Heverdon I appreciate nice clean reads but this was a bit boring for meThanks to NetGalley for providing a copy of this in exchange for my review

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Ow at her grand country home Maulever HallMarianne settles into life at the Hall finding fast companionship with Mrs Mauleverer The days pass and no hint of memory returns but Marianne’s need for answers is growing urgent An unexpected visit from Mrs Mauleverer’s aloof son Mark and his soon to be betrothed Lady Heverdon has thrown life at the Hall i In this book Marianne wakes up after a carriage accident with no memory of who she is or where she is going There is a child traveling with her and they disembark in the middle of nowhere a place Marianne herself reuested but now cannot remember whyShe ends up staying at a place called Maulever Hall with an eccentric but kind older lady Efforts to restore Marianne's memory are minimal Instead she becomes entrenched in the routine of the house acting as companion to Mrs MaulevererThe old lady has a son she rarely sees but of course he soon appears on the scene a perfect example of the brooding Rochester like hero for a besotted Marianne I did find him a little too much of a jerk for a while thoughAnd Check all the boxes He has a mysteriously scarred face Handsome but dangerousI enjoyed this Regency romance very much although I think it could have been a little shorter It is well told and does not suffer from any annoying anachronisms or misplaced modern sentiments However it does feature a pair of characters who are in love but ready to believe the worst about each other and their gullibility toward the end does stretch one's patience Especially when the heroine uickly chooses on very flimsy proof to believe a man who she knows has lied to her before Also when it was revealed who Marianne is who the child is and why they were on the run I felt I should have figured it out much earlier Many readers probably do It's not a particularly surprising twistThis book Maulever Hall is what I used to think Georgette Heyer novels would be like True confession For some reason I have not really liked the Georgette Heyer novels I've read This on the other hand was easy to get into charming and funny at times and romantic in a brooding sort of way Toward the end it had me speeding to find out what would happen next I hope to read by this author I received a digital copy of a new edition of this via NetGalley in exchange for a review It did have a few distracting typos but other than that I thought it was a great read

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Maulever HallNto disarray They suspect Marianne has come into their lives under false pretences But the longer she spends with Lady Heverdon the Marianne becomes convinced the opposite may be trueAs tensions within the family rise and Marianne finds herself growing closer to Mark she begins to wonder whether her arrival at Maulever Hall has to do with fate than chan “Maulever Hall” is a 1964 gothic mystery set in the Regency Era All the ingredients for a great gothic have been skillfully blended into a well written book a sweet and naïve heroine an atmospheric mansion on an isolated moor a brooding and handsome master and a bonus in the form of two funny and eccentric old ladiesWhat sets this novel apart from other gothic mysteries I’ve enjoyed reading is that the heroine of this book has lost her memory due to a blow to the head in a carriage accident She remembers almost nothing about her past only that her first name is Marianne that she can ride horses and that someone who wants to harm her is following her So she not only has no idea whom to trust but also has no clue who she is which makes for some intriguing plot twists“Maulever Hall” is delightfully suspenseful and I’m glad it's being republished for a new generation of readers Thanks to NetGalley and Agora Books for an advance copy of a new digital edition in exchange for a review This edition is now available through the Kindle store in the US and the UK