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All that's left behind is the anger and hurt he has inside himFinding comfort in each other's company the two men struggle with emotions guilt and fears about the future Confiding only in each other they grow closer both denying the bond building between them and a past that won't let them move on REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE45 StarsBook 2 in the Sinful Temptation series follows on from Horizontal Analysis and sees Zach and Killian settled in Ireland and celebrating their marriage with friends and familyOne of those friends from Killian’s childhood is Jon now a priest in his hometown who has dedicated most of his adult life to the Catholic Church All outward appearances would lead you to believe that Jon is happy in his life serving the small community he lives in but appearances often cover up the truth Jon is still devoted to his religious beliefs but recently he has been feeling unsettled and uestioning his happiness As he looks at his best friend and his husband why does he feel like he is missing out on something?Ash is a friend of Zach’s from America and Zach is truly surprised to see him at the wedding reception Nobody has seen him for months since he just up and left his home and travelled aimlessly when his partner was killed by a drunk driver Ash is in a bad place both mentally and emotionally He is running to stay ahead of his grief never stopping too long in the same place to prevent him from having to face the realities of his lifeAs a priest and a compassionate man Jon recognises Ash’s pain from the moment he sets eyes on him and feels drawn to helping him in any way he can What he doesn’t count on is feeling drawn to him on a personal level making him feel even confused over the path his life is currently taking Ash is cold and closed off and refuses to talk about his dead partner or any part of his previous life but he recognises that he could do with a friend and Jon fits the billThis is a story of struggles There is overwhelming grief and sadness from Ash and he has become determined not to face his problems Jon is struggling with everything he knows and believes in and when faced with Ash his resolve and decision making for his future is made both difficult and clearer This is uite a slow story in some respects as neither man is able to confront and deal with their problems overnightWhenever I read one of Nicole’s books there is always a character I clearly prefer and in Absolution it was Jon His faith was strong not something I really identify with personally but his life went in a particular direction due to events from his past I think whatever path he had chosen in life he would have made a success of as he was such a loving and compassionate man He had a kind of innocence about him that allowed him to just throw his feelings out there and for a long time in this story he didn’t really get anything back With his dogged determination he hung in there even when it had to hurt it was a long drawn out process as he fought with his inner demons but in the end he truly loved Ash and that became the most important thing

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Absolution Sinful Temptation #2Although this is book two in the collection it can be read as a standalone or the first in the seriesFor most of his adult life Jon dedicated his life to the church finding solace in helping others but there has always been something missing Up until now he's been able to push that aside and move f K Here's the thing you may or may not know about me you probably do cuz subtle I am not I have a taboo kink Shhhhhhhhhh no judgy judgy shakes fingerPriest cest is one of them I know I know You're probably saying but HeatherWWJD? And I'm What DO they wear under those robes?Ummm anywhoSo I was super excited to find this little gemButButThey talked and talked and talked and talked and talked Then talked about talking Finally it looks like we're getting to the dirty bits But nope we're gonna fucking talk some And thank Jeebus we're at the naughty fun times and when the magic taboo fucking startswe're gonna fucking talk during itUgh I skimmed I skimmed priesty taboo fuckingI amappalled 25 cuz their is a ROBE SCENE and it was kinda hot

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Download Absolution Sinful Temptation #2 Book ¿ 417 pages Ý Naturaltreatment ✓ Although this is book two in the collection it can be read as a standalone or the first in the seriesFor most of his adult life Jon dedicated his life to the church finding solace in helping others but there has aOrward letting everyone think he's happy and doing what he lovesAsh doesn't want to continue with life Left behind to live a cold and empty life after his partner died in a tragic accident he doesn't see any future for himself He goes through the motions of living but inside he’s ready to give up WOW Where do I begin? First off I fell in love with this book from the very beginning I cannot remember the last time I read a book that I went through so many emotions and u s you will need tissues Jon is a priest for over 10 years he loves his church and serving God but lately he's been having thoughts of loneliness and unsure of his future We meet Jon in book #1 Horizontal Analysis Jon is always there for everyone helping and healing so when at Killian and Zach's wedding he notices Ash standing at the side and he sees pain and hurt Ash is in Ireland attending his best friend Zach's wedding but he is living a life of pain and hurt after losing his partner of 7 years only a few months agoJon struggles to help Ash who is so closed off and hardly living but in the process the chemistry between these two is undeniableJon and Ash have a lot to work out between them both the journey there at times becomes almost too much Will Jon be able to admit his feelings towards Ash? Will Ash be able to let go of Derrick and find love again? Im not going on any because this is a journey everyone needs to experience the writing between Nicole and EM Is brilliant whereas I felt as if I was right there with them I felt what they were feeling This is one of the most beautiful love stories that I have ever read I didn't want it to endOh and we get to hear from Eve Killian's Mam again and she will have you in stitchesSo yes don't hesitate go one click this amazing book today and experience this beautiful story I wish I could give this so many than Five Stars