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The Serpent Atlan #1bIn the lost world of prehistory a girl is born Is she a Goddess? Cija herself believes that she is For 17 years her mother the Dictatress has kept her imprisoned in a tower She releases her with one object in view to seduce Zerd the snake scaled Dragon General of an occupying army then stab him to d Want to make certain a teenager reads a book? Put it on a list of titles removed from public school library shelves Thanks to a group of small minded folk years ago the Atlan books have been favorites for a long time

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Eath Thru the forests of the sling using Fouls among the reptile birds in lands where half human hybrids are kept as pets Cija travels with the Northern Army In the great vicious City of the South Zerd makes plans with the Southerners to attack the fabulous Continent of Atlan in the middle of the At These were a little strange and a bit ahead of their time with its fiesty independent and sexual heroine There is an edge to these that most fantasy of the time did not have If you like Sheri Tepper's feminist science fiction these are worth tracking down and reading

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FREE PDF Å BOOK The Serpent ô NATURALTREATMENT ´ In the lost world of prehistory a girl is born Is she a Goddess? Cija herself believes that she is For 17 years her mother the Dictatress has kept her imprisoned in a tower She releases her with one object in view to seduce Zerd the snake scaled Dragon General of an occupyinLantic Ocean Cija escapes is pursued She finds a lover; there is fighting between the Northern Southern armies; she suffers rape at the hands of two very different men This fantastic story of love jealousy sudden death is unlike anything you have ever read It grips the imagination from start to fini I’ve spent the two days since I finished The Serpent trying to figure out how I can possibly describe this unusual book The best I can come up with is that it ought to be a book you’re assigned to read in college but because you’re busy and just not really into it you sueak by without doing the reading As years pass people reference it often enough that when you accidentally stumble across it in a long forgotten box you decide to read it and then you find yourself lying awake at night kicking yourself for not doing the reading when you actually had a platform in which to discuss the nuance of this fascinating and devastating novelThere are some takeaways I hope you pick up on from this intro The Serpent isn’t easy Sentences can be ponderous and confusing; it’s the sort of novel where I’d find myself reading the words without actually stringing them together into a coherent sentence When I put my mind to the words though they were beautiful and descriptive Given that The Serpent is told in the form of a girl’s diary it makes sense that there are going to be some idiosyncrasies in the writing I grew to love how I could determine the mood of the protagonist based on how her writing flowed The Serpent isn’t fun Well actually that’s not entirely true but at the same time I’ll stand by it I’m glad I read The Serpent At times it’s hilarious Other times it’s joyful The trajectory of the story however isn’t fun Hell the back copy mentions that Cija our protagonist is raped multiple times and that’s the part of a book that’s supposed to make us want to read it Just imagine the brutality that we actually witnessThis seems like a great time to say that if you’re sensitive to depictions of violence rape coerciveabusive relationships systemic violence against womengirls or similar heavy topics The Serpent might not be a great book for you The best part about this is that Jane Gaskell covers these topics honestly None of it is titillating or sexy and even though I don’t love reading about super real problems like these there was an authenticity to her writing that made me feel betterI know that sounds bizarreThe best comparison I can come up with is finding out that that one guy who acts inappropriately toward you also acts inappropriately toward a friend It’s not a good thing but it also makes you feel better because you know for a fact you’re not making shit up and you suddenly have a sense of solidarity over this horrible thing in your lifeIn that way the brutality of The Serpent almost felt healing On the other hand my one dog who we jokingly refer to as our empath dog because she knows when you’re upset and will try to make you feel better well she was in a constant state of panic while I read The Serpent because apparently my body language or pheromones or some shit was sending out panic level vibesOkay with two heads up and a straight up warning out of the way it’s time to dig inCija pronounced KEE YAH is the daughter of a dictatress Raised in isolation and taught that she’s a goddess the beginning of the book is filled with banal teenaged girl level tension She wishes she were tan she hates to do chores and when she’s bored she sometimes lashes out at her caretakers She’s a bit bratty but in my opinion likable This low stakes life changes uickly when she’s sent on a uest she must seduce an enemy general and murder himJust like that she’s thrown into a world where women are only valued so far as they are useful to menThis is central to one of the biggest themes in the book a woman’s sexuality is both a liability and an assetIn a land where women have literally no agency—they’re considered property nothing —it makes sense that Cija would wield her sexuality like a weapon Sometimes it works really well Sometimes it works until the man gets frustrated and lashes out Sometimes it doesn’t work at all and she finds herself reduced for the unwanted interest of an abusive man And well sometimes the man just isn’t interested and she has to seek some other position from which to exert influenceThis bigger theme is teased apart into bite sized pieces that I kept choking on Perhaps the most gut wrenching is the uintessential Nice Guy Smahil He’s a classic abuser charismatic and seemingly caring and cruel and selfish He’s the sort to light a woman’s house on fire just so he can guilt her into caring for him because he helped put it outOf all the hard things to read about The Serpent I think Smahil's wanton realism is the hardest I’ve known Smahil and clearly Jane Gaskell has as well He has the nuance the personality and the delicate touches that make him than archetypal he could walk out of The Serpent and replace the Smahil in my life and I’m not sure I’d know the differenceI urge both men and those women amongst us lucky enough to have lived without a Smahil in their lives to recognize him as a reality because he is I fear it's too easy to chalk him up to a trumped up villain a gross over exaggeration and dismiss him out of hand Dear cod I wish that were true but it’s not Smahil is real and worse than that he’s actually pretty commonContrasting this intimate look at violence against women is a broad spectrum overview of the world’s violence against women Women are property Women are constantly in danger of sexualized violence from passing armies cruel leaders tyrannical politicians Women die and are killed and Cija can’t let it get to her—lest she lose herself to rage and despair—but at the same time she can’t look awayIt might be tempting to think that women spared from the direct perpetration of violence don’t suffer from it but that’s not true I remember the first time I learned about ‘bride kidnapping’—the hideously established tradition of kidnapping a woman or most often a girl and forcing her into ‘marriage’ I was 9 when I first learned of this custom I also learned that girls as young as 11 might be kidnapped and that even if the girl escapes sometimes her family will force her to go back to her kidnapperI remember lying in bed being a normal nine year old I was slightly afraid of the dark of the closet of the weird shadows coming in through my bedroom window And then I remember thinking about how if I had been born elsewhere my current fear would have been vague and ridiculous I’d have had good reason to lie awake at night staring in horror at the windowSimply understanding that my gender could be so maligned so incon