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Free download Strawberry Summer è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Just because you’re through with your past doesn’t mean it’s through with youMargaret Beringer didn’t have an easy adolescence She hated her name was less than popular in school and was always cast aside as a “farm kid” However with the arWhen Courtney loses her father and returns to Tanner Peak to take control of the family store Margaret comes face to face with her past and the woman she’s tried desperately to forget The fact that Courtney has grown up beautiful than ever certainly doesn’t help matters. 5 Fan freakn tastic big fat starsThis is the first book I've read by Melissa Brayden so I had no idea what to expect With that said I didn't expect it to blow me out of the ballpark The story starts in present day and then back tracks to the time the two heroines were in school Some might say that means this story fits into the YA category However I'm loathe to say such as I am not a fan of YA stories yet I reveled in every little glimpse I got into the lives of these characters I don't want to give a single thing away about the plot because I want other readers to experience things firsthand What I will say is it made me smile it made me cry it made me angry it made me happy and finally it left me emotionally fulfilled Copy provided by the publisher Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley

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Just because you’re through with your past doesn’t mean it’s through with youMargaret Beringer didn’t have an easy adolescence She hated her name was less than popular in school and was always cast aside as a “farm kid” However with the arrival of Courtney Carrin. In her last five books Melissa Brayden's pretty much mastered the art of intricately balancing smart vivacious women sparkling banter and delicious sexual tension sprinkled with a manageable dash of heart tugging angst to kind of produce a perfect blend of lesbian romance that just entertainswithout being overly serious or campy Okay I'm sure every other contemporary lesbian romance writer is doing a variation of that or is trying to but Ms Brayden seems to have perfected that formulaStrawberry Summer is a bit of a departure from that formula in that for a good 70% of the time its a lengthy flashback to the past to a time when the protagonists were in their teens making this primarily a YA book Which is perfectly fine for readers who love YA unfortunately not me Completely missing from that part is the author’s trademark wit and sass I'm sure she was trying for earnestness and innocence the leads being teenagers but it doesn't make very engaging reading Okay It might have been interesting if there was tension or conflict somewhereanywhere lol do I sound desperate And one thing this is told from a first person point of view so we're stuck with the voice of a character who to me was the less interesting of the two And on than one occasion she came across as self absorbed and downright selfish And than once I not knowing Courtney’s background then wondered what Courtney saw in her I realize I'm being too harsh but this part of the book doesn't approach the charm and appeal of a typical Brayden book It's nice enough I guess if you haven't tried her other work On the other hand I'll have to admit it's an honest portrayal But if she's going for serious and that's not her style it doesn't go deep enoughThe surprising thing which is really unsurprising if you know the author’s strength is that things take a complete u turn when the timeline reverts back to the present Everything about the last 30% of the book is vintage Brayden Every Little Thing And it totally saves the book If you're a Brayden fan don't let my review discourage you Even 30% of Brayden is better than a 100% of many other writers at least when it comes to entertainment value ;Hmm I can't help but wonder if the narrative had been structured in such a way that the timelines go back and forth instead of being stuck for so long in the past the book might have been less dragging But I'd much rather have the book end on a high note in typical Brayden style than if it had taken a nosedive at the endSpecial mention needs to be made for a bunch of amazing side characters like Travis and Maggie’s parents are they for real and even the dog I also feel that Courtney would have been a much nuanced and sympathetic character than Maggie am I being too obvious Im in love with Courtney; if her pov had been explored Especially her self identification as bi sexual she isn't even if she thinks she is And really does she have to be absolutely movie star beautiful I know I knowthat's typical Brayden But that's one thing that won't hurt the book one bit you know if the author ever decides to depart from her formula again ;35 for the first 65%5 for the remainderARC from Netgalley BSB

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Strawberry SummerGton Margaret’s youth sparked into color Courtney was smart beautiful and put together everything Margaret wasn’t Who would have imagined that they’d fit together so perfectlyBut first loves can scarMargaret hasn’t seen Courtney in years and that’s for the best But. Just like the most recent Jae book Falling Hard I believe it wasis titled there is nothing specifically 'wrong' with the latest offering from either author There just wasn't anything specifically special about either And I kind of expect special from Brayden and special from Jae It's unfair of me I know but that's one of those risks that occur when you read an author enough to put them into a 'must read' categoryOne positive the book kept veering into directions where I just knew I'd be annoyed that traps would be sprung clichés would be expressed but the book kept from going that extra annoying step So kept from springing the traps and clichés of other booksThis book here stars Maggie who is was and always will be a lesbian – even her family knew that though Maggie herself hadn’t gotten around to telling them She ends up entangled with another woman and they have something of a relationship Nothing of Courtney’s view is seen though just Maggie’s One of the vaguely cliché parts is the part where Courtney reminiscent of a Gun Brooke book has a dick of a rich father and a either almost not there mother or a not interfering with dick father mother though to be fair to Brooke one of her books does have the ‘dick’ parent be the mother But then some of the steps I expected to have happen didn’t actually happen – some of the roads traveled down in other books that involve rich dickish parents and young women trying to live their life either outside of their control within their control or some mixI took the opportunity offered to mention one of the ‘traps’ and messed up my paragraph MmphsETA part of that 'messed up my paragraph' was the part where I wanted to emphasis that Maggie was a lesbian while Courtney just 'was' she doesn't like labels though boiled down Maggie 'labels her' as a bisexual since Courtney lusts after who she lusts after regardless of gender and Maggie sees that as bisexualBook opens with a prologue Margaret is hopping around town somewhere around 26 or so and somewhere ‘Now’ It is unclear when the events of this book occur – judging by the constant mention of Facebook and how the town just put up a Facebook page and how Facebook was founded in 2004 I’d put the flashback years somewhere around 2006 to 2010 depending on how ‘slow’ the town was to jump on the bandwagon and the ‘Now’ time at about 2015 to 2017 the now time is 7 years after the flashback time wait I know – the characters are roughly 24 25 in now time then since they were roughly 16 17 in the flashback years wait no started at roughly 16 ended at roughly 19 20 So somewhere around 26 27 in the Now years While Margaret is hopping around doing her thing she runs across Courtney – who she hasn’t seen in a long time And doesn’t really want to see now Bad situation all around – the two had dated when they were even younger than they are now and it ended badlyThen the book proceeds to spend a good long portion maybe 65% or so of the book in a ‘flashback’ back to high school and college part of my problem of dates – we kept having ‘we did this here insert scene the next summer insert scene the next summer insert scene 2 summers later scene 9 months later scene six months later scene’ and by the end of all that I’ve no real clue how much time actually passed though I got the impression a ton of time passedIn terms of characters and growth I didn’t really notice as much as I’d expect Though I’m basing that almost entirely on how throughout the story Margaret had a massive chip on her shoulder and was a reverse snob – anyone who was slightly popular fashionable etc was assumed to be a asshole; and you the reader – saw that crop up through time in the flashbacks didn’t want to be near Melanie and group because they were fashionablepopular though it was Margaret’s issue not theirs which she saw once she actually talked with them as them ‘chilling the hell out’ but heh no it was Maggie actually talking with them and not being a dick to them – hell her own older brother was the most popular kid when he was at the high school so all that ‘farm kid vs town kid’ was probably there but not to the extent Maggie thought it was; years later Maggie made snide comments about Courtney’s Chicago friends based on their supposed snobbishness; then in the ‘Now’ sections Maggie was still making comments like that – though she tried at least to stop herself and to suppress them they still existed She’s a successful real estate agent and had a successful management level second job with the strawberry farm and she still had this chip on her shoulder – though she was friends with some of those who she said had to chill out before she would be friends with themBasically my point is that everything is from Maggie’s point of view and therefore ‘unfair’ to Courtney’s side of things and yet Maggie is the one coming off ‘bad’ here So there’s that Wow this is a bunch of stream of conscious gibberish MmphsRating 348April 25 2017