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Raze Riven #3Can't fathom interested in him As the eldest of five kids Felix Rainey spent his childhood cooking dinner checking homework and working after school jobs Now in his twenties he's still scrambling to make ends meet and wondering what the hell he's doing with his life When he meets Huey he's intimidated and enad Huey's strong and confident he owns his own business hell he's friends with rock stars What could. The world is made up of people and ideas and desires and roaches and like hunks of plastic and puppies This is the kind of line that makes me love Roan Parrish’s stories They are everyday relationships depicted beautifully People who are vulnerable but not weak To uote her recent tweet her protagonists’ enemies are themselves The conflicts in her books aren’t corny contrived drama that you’ve read umpteen times — they are real issues that arise between people due to the baggage that they bring into a new relationship I leaned in and kissed him then because he was beautiful and alive and today I was a personI loved reading this story of Huey and Felix At first I was concerned that it would feel like a knock off of Riven due to some parallels with addiction issues but the Raze characters distinguished themselves And I alternated between feeling frustrated with and protective of both of them which I appreciate because it feels real His smile was small and sweet and I was dangerously aware that I’d go to great lengths to be able to put it on his face againSigh I have to add This is the first time I’m feeling fewer than 5 stars from Roan I haven’t read them all this is just my fourth but I’ve felt the previous ones were damn near perfect And I’m torn on how much to dwell on the “imperfections” of this one because they aren’t so much flaws as elements that weren’t uite as masterful as the others I’m going to put these notes behind a spoiler tag although I’ll do my best to avoid actual spoilersview spoilerI felt like Huey and Felix kept a little closely to the “boxes” that they were in for lack of a better way to describe it They didn’t surprise me and I am really spoiled with Roan’s characters usually being so dimensional that I can’t always predict what they’ll do Also as brilliant as the psychological insight was a lot of it was laid down flatter than she usually writes it — borderline telling I think this was definitely a case of me comparing the book against her previous ones not against most of what’s out there But I can’t help it; she’s set the bar really high and there’s a reason I do shit like sign up for NetGalley just to get one of her books earlyLastly although I didn't deduct anything for this I loathe the model chosen for the cover That does NOT look like Felix to me and it's not working for me on any level 😂 hide spoiler

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Sometimes the walls we build to save ourselves have to come tumbling downFor the last ten years Huey has built his life around his sobriety If that means he doesn't give a damn about finding love or companionship for himself well it's probably better that way After all the last thing he wants is to hurt anyone else Until Felix Rainey walks into his bar fresh faced unbearably sweet and for some reason Huey. 25I wanted to love thisI really did but something just wasn't pulling me into thisIt started off promising enough but I just got bored and felt disconnected to the storyHuey and Felix both had issues and I honestly got themespecially FelixYeshe might have been a tad needy and insecure but that's the kind of character I loveI really admired the way he sacrificed his own life and put his family firstHuey just infuriated mePeriodI hated the way he treat Felix at timesAgainhe had demons he was dealing with but I kind of became indifferent to themHave to mention the covers for this seriesHonestly some of the most stylish book covers everOveralljust ok for me Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley

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FREE READ ½ Raze (Riven, #3) Ñ Sometimes the walls we build to save ourselves have to come tumbling downFor the last ten years Huey has built his life around his sobriety If that means he doesn't give a damn about finding love or companionship for himself well it's probably better that way After all the last thing he wants is to hurt anyone else Until He ever see in Felix As Huey and Felix get closer the spark catches and soon they can't get enough of each other But Huey's worked hard to avoid intimacy and Felix threatens his carefully constructed defenses Huey realizes he needs to change if he wants to truly put his past behind him and build a future with Felix Roan Parrish's pitch perfect Riven novels can be read together or separatelyRIVEN REND RAZE. In a series where each of the characters has touched me so deeply I have to say Roan Parrish has outdone herself with Raze Parrish gets into the very essence of these incredible men building a story for each of them and exploring what makes them tick Whether it’s overcoming addiction or finding what sparks your passion for the couples from the Riven series simply surviving isn’t enoughMy favorite part of a Roan Parrish novel is how thoroughly she explores her characters Parish gets deep into the very psyche of these men and finds the things that make them real Defeating obstacles healing past wounds and finding a way to move forward in a positive way are some issues that apply to all of us Being able to actually relate to these guys makes a Roan Parrish novel so special Huey’s story is heartbreaking but empowering as well Coming off a life completely ruled by drug use every moment for an addict is about just surviving Huey has created coping mechanisms as well a complex schedule to fill his days and avoid relapse He’s taken back control unfortunately there’s no time or space left for having a meaningful lifeFreed from the responsibilities of caring for his family Felix is finally in a position to make a life for himself Acting on his initial attraction to Huey Felix actively pursues the older man The scene where he’s asking Huey on a date is completely adorable and is a glimpse at some of the fire that’s inside him It’s clear that with a bit of attention and encouragement Felix will flourishI fell in love with these two remarkable guys and it’s extremely satisfying to watch them work it all out Although they’ve got some serious baggage the angst isn’t overwhelming I found the positive message Ms Parrish’s continually weaves throughout Raze to be very uplifting and the romance between Huey and Felix is toe curlingly deliciousLooking ahead I’d love to get Riven guitarist Coco Swift’s story Between her romance with Felix’s sister Sophie and the challenge of keeping the band together after Theo’s retirement this is one strong woman Whatever story Roan Parrish chooses to tell next in this standalone series I know it’s going to be a good one