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In the desolate wastelands between the sierra and the jungle under an all seeing unforgiving sun a single day unfolds as relentlessly as those that have gone before People are trafficked and brutalised illegal migrants are cheated of their money their dreams their very names even as countless others scrabble to cross the border trying to reach a land they call ParaísoIn this grim inferno a fierce love blossomed one that w. The story is harrowing People trying to cross an unknown border are captured by coyotes and human traffickers Their story is a back page to the slowly moving but enviable fates of the two traffickers Estela and Epitafio who are being double crossed by even brutal charactersWhile the story is bleak what makes this book is the writing There's a certain rhythm a use of names such as HewholovesEstela that gives the characters real character and a scarcity of words that fill the silence of events Thoroughly enjoyed the experience

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Las tierras arrasadasY have never forgotten the memory of their own shacklesLike the immigrants whose hopes they extinguish they long to be free; free to be together and alone Here in an unnamed land that could be a Mexico reimagined by Breughel and Dante on the border between purgatory and inferno where Paradise is the mouth of hell and cruelty the only currency; lives are spent bartered and indentured for it Must all be bankrupt among the lost. So I've tried to go a bit highbrow with some of my reading this year and there's been some duds to be fair but so far this isn't one of them I read Anna Burns' Milkman because it won the Man Booker prize and it's become one of my favourite books ever the little experimental touches being what made it for me Among the Lost is similar in that respect I guessIt's the story of one day and of a couple who are awful and Jesus Christ they're horrible people but they love each other and that's what makes them bearable when nothing else does Its experimental with uotes from Dante's Inferno and the Bible and chillingly from real trafficked people highlighting the real life horrors that exist behind the fiction The uotes are woven through the prose so the whole thing is almost poetic as you read itAnd like it's a horrible story too because obviously it's not dealing with a nice topic but it's real and it's shitty More than shitty and as illegal immigration is one of those Big Issues at the moment maybe it's vital we view the people involved as than just a 'swarm' Monge deals with the topic brutally yet empathetically and leaves you with a deeper sense of understanding of the topicAnd maybe I'm making it all sound a bit serious because for all it's dealing with a difficult topic it's actually kind of funny in parts and than that it's an enjoyable read and well worth the time spent on it Definitely recommend

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Free download ó Las tierras arrasadas ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç In the desolate wastelands between the sierra and the jungle under an all seeing unforgiving sun a single day unfolds as relentlessly as those that have gone before People are trafficked and brutalised illegal migrants are cheated of tAs born in pain and cruelty and one that will live or die on this day Estela and Epitafio too were trafficked they grew together in the brutal orphanage fell in love but were ripped apart They have played an ugly role in the very system that abused them and done the bidding of the brutal old priest for too long They have traded in migrants put children to work as slaves hacked off limbs and lives without a thought though the. I finally finished this book It’s taken me nearly over two weeks Now that I have finally finished I don’t know how I feel about this book On one had I thought it was interesting and enjoyable but on the other I was confused as to what was happening and what it was aboutThe theme of this book was very interesting but while reading I found the book became a heavy and boring read This was probably because as I read through the book I would get excited that something interesting was about to happen but it would all fizzle out and nothing happened I found this to happen uite a bit in the book and in the end I just got tired of it and had to take a break from the bookThe book was originally written in SpanishMexican but has been translated into English by Frank Wynne Although beautifully translated I did find that I had to concentrate pretty hard to read and digest what was happening By the end of this book I had re read uite a few paragraphs over and over againOn a positive I absolute loved the front cover of this book I think it’s so coolOverall I feel this book was a little wasted on me and is better suited for other readers who are into these types of books Saying that I think I would try another book  by this author in the futureI would like to thank Scribe UK for sending me a paperback in return for an honest and unbiased review