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All My Heart (Count on Me, #4) Download Ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Anger Resentment Jealousy Rage Violence Hate and Fear For eighteen years this is all I’ve known When everything seemed to crash and burn around me I could always count on those seven things to get me through At least that’s how it was untilT I’m not afraid of anything She’s wrong I’m afraid of a lot of things but the absolute worst is losing her Losing yet another person I love and being powerless to stop it I can’t lose Belle I just can’t Even if losing her is exactly what I deserve You thought our story was complete but what you’re about to find out is no story ever really ends It just finds new ways to begin again. 5 “I Energy You” StarsKaydenBelleSo this book you don’t just read it you experience it I actually hated workin so much because all I wanted to do was sit down with this and finish it without people interrupting There were just so many feels I had reading it This is a completely different Kayden from the way he was in the first story He’s grown a lot and omg how sweet is he when it comes to Belle Major swoonage pretty much the entire way through the entire story His heart was hanging out on his sleeve when it came to her and he didn’t care what anyone thought about it or how it looked Romantic looks so stinking good on him This is the Kayden we saw shades of in Count On Me but got to really see this time around one year later Every girl needs a Kayden and don’t even get me started on Belle The supposedly weak and silent girl from the first story is no longer there and in her place is a strong take no prisoners kind of woman and it was so freakin awesome to see and experience This is the Belle that was there at the end of Count On Me but that was still needing to work through some things before she could really come into her own and the way her relationship with Kayden helped her get there was perfect They needed each other They loved each other and it showed through ever single page in this story Not even people from the past new people or older stupider bullies could stop these two They’re magical and the best thing about romance books But they aren’t the only ones that were in this and that made it so amazingDillon Reformed bad boy just like his best friend but waaaaay better in this then he was in the others Hilarious I seriously can’t wait to read about him now because if the way he was in this is gonna be in his own book it’s gonna be freakin perfect He makes a much better best friend to both Belle and Kayden then he does a bully Sooooo much better I might have a hardcore Murphy and Walker crush ;Isaac was a nice addition It was like seeing Eric again but differently and he played off Belle perfectly Knowing he gets his own books makes me soooo happy If it’s anything at all like this one I’m bringing tissues and making sure I’m taking time off so I don’t swoon in public because like Eric he’s adorable and understated I’m rambling but if you haven’t read Count On Me go and do that and then pick this up cause you don’t need the others to get this one You wont regret it The feels are seriously off the charts

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Acing them with ones of her own Things that even now a year later I still don’t think I deserve Forgiveness Understanding Acceptance Friendship Redemption Hope and Love So what do you do when you’ve been given all of these things by the most beautiful person on the planet with nothing expected in return Well when you’re me you find a way to screw it up She thinks I’m the strong one Tha. Madly is the way I love you Forever is how long it will be 3 I absolutely devoured this book I couldn't wait for Kayden and Belle They are my go to couple when I need a break from the overly aggressive smutty dark and 'too much' books I wanted sweet and loving and I got it in spades Welcome HomeTwo of the most beautiful words in the English language and the two words that may mean even to me than I love youI know you don't believe this but you are my home Isabelle Reagan My safe place to land my preserver when I'm drowning and my air when I can't breathe When I'm with you I'm home Oh sweet beautiful broken boy Kayden is all these and so so much I am really happy that he and Belle are together They are a gorgeous couple to see just how much in love they are and he is with her So protective so supportive so loving I could read books and books about their journey together They story is one that I love coming back to We're energy Kayden The way I love you it's energyI energy you Kayden Walker

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All My Heart Count on Me #4Anger Resentment Jealousy Rage Violence Hate and Fear For eighteen years this is all I’ve known When everything seemed to crash and burn around me I could always count on those seven things to get me through At least that’s how it was until Isabelle With one brief look across a crowded parking lot she altered my entire existence Erasing all of the things I thought I could count on and repl. In order to understand what’s going on here you first need to go back and read Count On Me The other books in the series u don’t need to read but in order to get the full effect from Kayden and Belle the first book is a must All My Heart picks up a year after Count On Me and follows the characters as they graduate high school and move onto college It starts with distance but a lot of sweetness even with them bein separated Kayden is still the same guy but with the added bonus of bein a romantic where before he wasn’t because he was still findin his way Belle is the same girl but isn’t she’s growing and changing and the author goes into showing a lot of that for belle and for Kayden This story is romantic than the others meaning that the focus is put on that then anything else and we even get to see apperances by other characters in the series in it so we can see where they all end up as time moves on There are also apperances by new characters old characters and ones only mentioned before I can’t go into much than that without giving away a lot of what happens but if you thought these two had been through the worst of it your wrong What matters most about this story though is the growth and the change that happens It happened with the first book but is even heavier at times here because they’re older and not kids any I think this book might be real than the previous book because this is all shit young adults go through The way Kayden is at least at certain points that shit happens everyday and maybe the stuff with belle might be considered unreal but that’s what good books are for They give ya hope where u might not be able to find any This was a solid book and as emotional as the others in the series which if u've read her work u know that the author seems to excel at