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FREE DOC ä READER A Darker Shade of Magic ó V.E. SCHWAB ç Kell is one of the last Antari—magicians with a rare coveted ability to travel between parallel Londons; Red Grey White and once upon a time BlackKell was raised in Arnes—Red London—and officially serves the Maresh Empire as an ambassador traveling Grey London and runs into Delilah Bard a cut purse with lofty aspirations She first robs him then saves him from a deadly enemy and finally forces Kell to spirit her to another world for a proper adventureNow perilous magic is afoot and treachery lurks at every turn To save all of the worlds they'll first need to stay aliv “I'm not going to die she said Not till I've seen itSeen whatHer smile widened Everything” Kell one of the last Antari is playing a dangerous game Being an Antari he travels between worlds He knows of four worlds and all four of them have one conveniently overlapping city London Grey London Magicless technology driven Red London Magic is considered a gift and is practiced with careful determination White London Magic is cruel often needs to be stolen and locked into bodies Black London Magic is hungry and all consuming magic apocalypse happened here All magic artifacts and people from Black London is banned from the other worldsKell freuently travels in and out of the Londons passing along correspondence adventuring and smuggling artifacts that last bit is hugely illegal After a visit to the cruel king and ueen of White London Kell is given an innocuous black stone and told to bring it to Red London A bit buzzed and confused he travels between worlds only to discover that the stone is actually a part of Black LondonBy smuggling the stone Kell committed treason against the crown of Red London his adopted family but importantly the black stone contains remnants of that world's magic seduction and hungerDelilah Lila Bard lives in Grey London not that she knows it It's the only London without magic and she's spent her entire life looking for a way out And then Kell lands on her doorstop I'd rather die on an adventure than live standing still Kell immediately struggles with the power of the stone And he soon realizes that although he may not want it help will come to him in the form of one very very stubborn Lila Bard “Sure I do” countered Lila cheerfully “There’s Dull London Kell London Creepy London and Dead London” she recited ticking them off on her fingers “See I’m a fast learner” Whewww I really enjoyed the start to this seriesSchwab had such a uniue idea with the four Londons and their varying degrees of magic and executed it extremely well I loved all the details she included it really made the story come alive As for the charactersLila at times a bit over the top really balanced out the seriousness and coldness of Kell The two of them working together had a really natural feel as evidenced by their free flowing banter “I apologize for anything I might have done I was not myself”“I apologize for shooting you in the leg” said Lila “I was myself entirely” I cannot wait to get started on book twoAudiobook CommentsRead by Steven Crossley and he did a great job This was a rather well read audiobook I do wish he would've had emotion when it came to his characters but then again Kell is supposed to be a little stand offishYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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Kell is one of the last Antari magicians with a rare coveted ability to travel between parallel Londons; Red Grey White and once upon a time BlackKell was raised in Arnes Red London and officially serves the Maresh Empire as an ambassador traveling between the freuent bloody regime changes in White London and the court of Every night of the year the market lived and breathed and thrived The stalls were always changing but the energy remained as much a part of the city as the river it fed on Kell traced the edge of the bank weaving through the evening fair savoring the taste and smell of the air the sound of laughter and music the thrum of magic I'm already a Victoria Schwab fan after reading her good vs evil superhero urban fantasy novel Vicious so I couldn't wait to get reacuainted with her addictive writing style complex characters and wonderfully conceived fantasy worlds As it turns out A Darker Shade of Magic was even than I'd expectedThis book feels like traditional fantasy than Vicious with the style the invention of a new language the large cast of characters the magic and the focus on royalpolitical dynamics And yet to use the word traditional anywhere near this novel is an injustice because it's unlike anything I've ever read beforeThe characters are weird and colorful We have a protagonist Kell who is strong and badass enough to root for but also complex and layered enough for us to truly care about and relate to Plus he has a coat that has many sides which he turns around depending on how he wants to look insane uniue wonderful Schwab's imagination clearly knows no boundsWe also have a cross dressing pirate who happens to be a tough infuriating and lovable female character Lila And a promiscuous prince villains who are blood slaves evil twin rulers and much And then there's this bizarre world that just played on every one of my senses The author asks us to believe in a setting that is incredibly farfetched and yet she breathes life into this world with evocative language and makes the unbelievable something we can picture in our heads She shares little stories from this world's history to flesh out the picture The infamous Krös Mejkt the “Stone Forest” was made up not of trees but of statues all of them people It was rud the figures hadn’t always been stone that the forest was actually a graveyard kept by the Danes to commemorate those they killed and remind any who passed through the outer wall of what happened to traitors in the twins’ London What's all this about the twins' London Well in this world there are four different versions of London that only the Antari like Kell can move between Technically there are only three these days because Black London fell consumed by its own misuse of magic The others are Grey London the one we know Red London the one Kell is from and White London ruled over by the sadistic Danes twinsEveryone it seems is out to use magic for their own selfish goals in this book And when a mysterious relic from Black London a relic that should have been destroyed reappears Kell and Lila must do what they can to protect it from all those who wish to claim it as their ownNothing short of a wild fast paced adventureBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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A Darker Shade of MagicGeorge III in the dullest of Londons the one without any magic left to seeUnofficially Kell is a smuggler servicing people willing to pay for even the smallest glimpses of a world they'll never see It's a defiant hobby with dangerous conseuences which Kell is now seeing firsthandAfter an exchange goes awry Kell escapes to I wrote this book so I'm probably biased Since it's early and the full jacket copy isn't out here's a list of things in ADSOM –Magic–Cross dressing thieves–Aspiring pirates–Londons plural–Sadistic kings and ueens–A royal who is eual parts Prince Harry and Jack Harkness–More magic blood magic elemental magic bad magic etc etc–Epic magicky fights scenes–Angst–And coats with than two sides