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EBOOK ´ EPUB A Being Darkly Wise ê FREE È Pete Andersen was hooked from the moment he read the ad “Learn survival skills in the majestic peaks of British Columbia’s Eaglenest Mountains Not for the faint hearted Three months later Pete and eleven others are dropped off in one of the most remote areas in North America with noRoss the continental divide and through the boreal forests of British Columbia to save the others It is a race against a pursuer possessed with seemingly supernatural endurance; a race that will push him to the limits of human capacity and beyond but it is a race he cannot allow himself to lose Because the survival of all that he loves depends upon him winnin SPOILER HEREHaving trouble deciding what I think of this book Thumbnail It is about a mysterious man Jakewho recruits a group of 12 Eco oriented folk including a politician author reporter lawyer EPA bureaucrat etcto attend an extreme survival month long stint in the remote Canadian wilderness as an apparent attempt to harness their talent to stop humanity from destroying what is left of the ecosystem of the planetIf you know much about environmental issues you have probably heard a lot of the background material the author uses but he does present it with an edge of urgency which brings home the precipice on which we stand While not the most talented wordsmith the author's plot line with respect to Jake as the supernatural messianic figure the protagonist Pete surmises Jake embodies was interesting The author adopts a Christ figure approach in some respects to develop Jake's character; ie involved in a wilderness experience just before his ministry began in earnest; recruited 12 followers to redeem the world; prone on occasion to riotous anger; could surmise the nature of those he dealt with; called for a reform of the current system Still pondering the roll the bear plays if the author was indeed drawing from the New Testament so I could be off base here But the fact he provides the opportunity to consider the symbolism of his characters is something I appreciate I note that this is Book One of the Earth Trilogy Book Two is billed as intending to chronicle the efforts of a small band of people to confront a world transformed by global warming Continuing down the road of New Testament analogy the book reminds me of an environmentalist version of the Left Behind series both in its style and proselytizing I wish the author as much success with his work the latter work deals with a matter of faith which may be uestioned; the author's a matter of survival if not of man at least many of his fellow planetary dwellers which cannot be as easily dismissed

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Rismatic leader Jake Christianson he believes he’s found paradise But when his companions begin to turn up dead apparently mauled to death by a rogue grizzly paradise turns to hell Pete suspects it may not be a grizzly – the group has been splintering into factions and Jake is unraveling before his eyesPete is forced to lead the killer on an epic chase ac Any novel that has global warming as a theme gets three stars from me for that fact aloneUnfortunately I did not like this book Of course not everybody can like every book so the fault may be on my partI noted that rather a large number of simple mistakes made it through the editing For example Atcheson would need to read this and then do a search and replace he wrote Do you here me He really did There are other such mistakes some of which I will send to the author over GoodreadsBut these are technical points What bothered me was the plotFor one there were way too many characters I know that Jesus had 12 disciples And Atcheson probably wanted to model his story after that But that makes it very hard for the reader to keep track of all those people And they get less time at bat each which makes for shallow charactersThe motives of these characters completely eluded me I understand the desire of an author worried about global warming to have a politician like Dan become a bear snack early on But why the hell would the character himself want to put himself in a position where that may happen You need to give a good reason for that Multiply that with 12 people involved and it becomes very difficult to pull off I don't think Atcheson did manage thatWhat bothered me even was that I had no clue what the main character Jake wants I still don't know Neither does the author seem to know since he offers three different ideas at the end of the book It is anybody's guess which of these is supposed to be rightAnd all those clues that Jake is behind the killings And then come up with a ursus ex machina that completely reverses all that without any explanation I mean if Jake was not the crazy killer why would he have let something basic like a radio not functioning happen Why wouldn't he be able to put up a minimum of credible defense against the villainAnd why would wolves try to attack a grizzly They would of course wait and have him kill the human and then try to get some of the leftoversWhy exactly would that bear run a hundred miles after PeteThis plot doesn't make sense And global warming actually is only a back story I had hoped for some kind of solution idea I mean the author has all the players from both sides together for over a week Why don't they discuss how to deal with global warming once in a while You could completely cut the global warming angle without changing much in this bookSo again I did not like this bookWell there go my chances of getting a review for my own global warming science fiction novels at Think Progress But I'm sorry I won't pretend to like something I don't just to be friendly to someone who may be useful for me

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A Being Darkly WisePete Andersen was hooked from the moment he read the ad “Learn survival skills in the majestic peaks of British Columbia’s Eaglenest Mountains Not for the faint hearted Three months later Pete and eleven others are dropped off in one of the most remote areas in North America with no way out As Pete learns primitive survival skills at the feet of their cha I'm a big fan of the blog site Climate Progress which covers the latest news about global warming and related issues When an excellent review of the novel A Being Darkly Wise appeared on the site I knew I wanted to read it Like my own novel Lights Out it deals with our impending environmental catastrophe and it was self published on com where it received excellent reviews Obviously my expectations were highThe story is pretty straightforward and works well as a combination adventure and love story with the environmental angle influencing the background and motivations of the main characters who are believable in their depth and personal experience which is fleshed out well enough for the reader to believe they could be real and to care what happens to them Enough is not revealed both to the reader and the characters to keep the events interesting and somewhat unpredictableThat said there were a few things that bugged me about the book A few technical errors in punctuation grammar and consistency that should have been caught by an editor stood out enough to interfere with my focus on the story There is a competition between explanations for why things happen that is frustrating in what feels like a contrived way though uestionable logic that spoiled the end for meOverall I'd have to say that I liked the book and would recommend it though it didn't meet the expectations I had for it