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A Time to Kill Read & download â E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Librarian's Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN 0385338600 9780385338608Before The Firm and The Pelican Brief made him a superstar John Grisham wrote this riveting story of retribution and justice In this searing courtroom drama best selling author John Grisham pBlack father acuires an assault rifle and takes matters into his handsFor ten days as burning crosses and the crack of sniper fire spread through the streets of Clanton the nation sits spellbound as young defense attorney Jake Brigance struggles to save his client's lifeand then his o. This was John Grisham' s very first bookHe dreamed of getting it publishedand went through innumerable rejectionsIt was largely ignoredwhen it was first publishedGrisham was inspired by an actual court room case to write itIt is about raperetribution and racial violencein the American SouthA young black girl is rapedand her outraged father takes justice into his own handsA young defence attorney tries to save his lifeonly to find himself in dangerAnd then comes all that racial violencewhich resembles what has been happening recently in the USIt is a first bookand it ramblesAt over 500 pagesit is too lengthyThis story could have been told so much better in half the number of pagesor even less

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Hs of racial violenceas he delivers a compelling tale of uncertain justice in a small southern townClanton Mississippi The life of a ten year old girl is shattered by two drunken and remorseless young men The mostly white town reacts with shock and horror at the inhuman crime Until her. Original Mid 90s Star Only Review – 5 StarsRe Read in 2020 Review – 4 StarsYou will notice a drop in the stars above but you can take that with a grain of salt It is still a great book that will pull you in and not let go If you are familiar with Grisham’s work this is where it all began and I think some consider it mainly downhill from here Not necessarily a big downhill – but it sure does seem in some aspects like he was at the top of his game for his first few novels He mentioned in his forward that this one almost did not get published but the success of The Firm helped generate interest and I am very glad it didThis is not an easy book to read but fiction based on hard truths never is There is very graphic and shocking sexual assault and racism So while they add to a powerful story some may find it difficult to read Knowing this be sure to proceed with cautionThe reason for the slight downturn in stars for me is that it just didn’t feel as smooth to me as I remembered Maybe I was looking at an old favorite through rose colored glassed before I re read The thought that kept going through my head especially after reading the forward and seeing that it almost didn’t get published is that it felt like it was a bit rough with a lot of coincidences drawn out scenes followed by rushed scenes etc Nothing that was severe enough t ruin the experience but enough that it was noticeable to meIf you are a Grisham fan it is likely that you already read this If you are a Grisham fan and you haven’t read this I am actually not really sure you can call yourself a Grisham fan So you should remedy that right away

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A Time to KillLibrarian's Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN 0385338600 9780385338608Before The Firm and The Pelican Brief made him a superstar John Grisham wrote this riveting story of retribution and justice In this searing courtroom drama best selling author John Grisham probes the savage dept. A Time to Kill John GrishamA Time to Kill is a 1988 legal thriller by John Grisham It was Grisham's first novel In the small town of Clanton in fictional Ford County Mississippi a ten year old African American girl named Tonya Hailey is viciously raped and beaten by two white supremacists James Pete Willard and Billy Ray Cobb Tonya is later found and rushed to the hospital while Pete and Billy Ray are heard bragging at a roadside bar about their crime Tonya's distraught and outraged father Carl Lee Hailey consults his friend Jake Brigance a white attorney who had previously represented Hailey's brother on whether he could get himself acuitted if he killed the two men Jake tells Carl Lee not to do anything stupid but admits that if it had been his daughter he would kill the rapists Carl Lee is determined to avenge Tonya and while Pete and Billy Ray are being led into holding after their bond hearing he kills both men with an M16 rifleCarl Lee is charged with capital murder Despite efforts to persuade Carl Lee to retain high powered attorneys he elects to be represented by Jake Helping Jake are two loyal friends disbarred attorney Lucien Wilbanks and sleazy divorce lawyer Harry Rex Vonner Later the team is assisted by liberal law student Ellen Roark who has prior experience with death penalty cases and offers her services as a temporary clerk pro bono Ellen appears to be interested in Jake romantically but the married Jake resists her overtures The team also receives some illicit behind the scenes help from black county sheriff Ozzie Walls a figure beloved by the black community and also well respected by the white community who upholds the law by arresting Carl Lee but as the father of two daughters of his own privately supports Carl Lee and gives him special treatment while in jail and goes out of the way to assist Jake in any way he legally can Carl Lee is prosecuted by Ford County's corrupt district attorney Rufus Buckley who hopes that the case will boost his political career It is claimed that the judge presiding over Carl Lee's trial Omar Ichabod Noose has been intimidated by local white supremacist elements This proves true when despite having no history of racist inclinations in his rulings Noose refuses Jake's perfectly reasonable reuest for a change of venue even though the racial make up of Ford County virtually guarantees an all white juryتاریخ نخستین خوانش ماه اکتبر سال 2001 میلادیعنوان زمانی برای کشتن؛ نویسنده جان گریشام؛ مترجم هادی عادلپور؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، کوشش، 1378، در 526ص؛ شابک 9646636145؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی سده 20معنوان زمانی برای کشتن؛ نویسنده جان گریشام؛ مترجم جواد سید اشرف؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، زرین، 1378، در 640ص؛ شابک 9644070178؛ داستان وکیل جوانی به نام «جیک بریگانس» است، که دفاع از یک متهم سیاهپوست، در برابر هیئت منصفه ای سفیدپوست را، بر دوش میگیرد، جریان بسیار پیچیده، اما جذاب و شیرین پیش میرود؛ البته از نظر کسی که به سیستم قضایی آمریکا علاقه هم داشته باشد؛ «زمانی برای کشتن»، نخستین کتاب «جان گریشام»، و گویا نزدیکترین اثر، به شخصیت ایشان باشد؛ «تونیا»، دختر دهساله ی «کارلی هیلی»، کارگر سیاهپوست شهر «فورت کانتی»، برای خرید از خانه خارج می‌شود، ولی دیگر باز نمی‌گردد؛ پس از جستجو، تنها سبد خرید دخترک پیدا می‌شود، و اثری از او نیست، تا اینکه «کارل هیلی»، از «اوزی والز»، کلانتر شهر، یاری می‌خواهد؛ کلانتر نیروهای خود را برای یافتن دخترک به کار می‌گیرد، ولی موفق نمی‌شوند او را بیابند؛ ماهیگیران دخترک را در حالیکه دست و پایش طناب پیچ شده و به شدت مورد آزار و اذیت قرار گرفته، پیدا می‌کنند؛ «تونیا»ی مجروح از دو جوان سفیدپوست و وانتی زردرنگ حرف میزند و؛ ا شربیانی