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Help her famous brother win back the crown of Kali It’s a great plan Until it falls apart Inspired by the Mahabharata and other ancient Indian stories A Spark of White Fire is a lush sweeping space opera about family curses and the endless battle between jealousy and lo. “Watch as one act leads to another after that Watch the trees pass white flames on Watch the forest burn” A Spark of White Fire reminds me of bacon with ice cream A mixture of two incredible things that are shockingly even pleasing when mixed together I’ve never before had the great fortune of reading a novel that perfectly blends elements from so many genres in a seamless manner The juxtaposition of Indian Mythology in a vivid outer space setting stirred up with wonderfully complex characters and fantastic politic intrigue is a recipe for a brilliant story All the characters are uniue with their own motives and hidden agendas The story spirals down numerous twists and turns making it challenging to discover who is trustworthy A thrilling adventure from start to finishSpace operas are uite new to me I am not overly familiar with this genre and haven’t read many novels with similar settings Nevertheless I thought that Mandanna beautifully paints a vivid universe filled to the brim with originality Having known before hand that this novel combines aspects from both fantasy and science fiction made me a tad skeptical However these doubts proved to be futile because all the elements tie together in a believable and practical manner The inclusion of mythological gods and prophecies is also a lovely addition to the world How the gods interact with and form relationships with humans is so intriguing and explained well I particularly admired the bond between Esmae and Amba the War GoddessA lovely protagonist Esmae herself has righteous intentions but her perception of others is incessantly being altered The faith and hope she places in people is a dangerous game that she is merely a pawn in How she forges a path amidst this chaos is so enticing At her core she is self less and possesses a desire to protect all those she loves This is such an inspiring trait to have in a leading character and is uite noteworthy considering how she hasn’t experienced much love and sacrifice in her childhood Rather than act with hostility and distrust towards others she opens her heart and helps in any way she can Although this is ultimately a character driven story the plot is fairly fast paced at times and will certainly keep you at the edge of your seatI love the moral ambiguity of many of the characters It’s no secret that I adore characters whose moral compasses are askew A Spark of White Fire has such a brilliant cast of characters all of which have understandable intentions but uestionable means to achieve their goals Alexi and Max are both mysterious in their own ways and I love how their backstories and true personas gradually reveal themselves in time The forbidden romance between Esmae and Max progresses naturally and I truly did enjoy it My favorite character from the whole bunch is surprisingly Rama – the childhood friend of Esmae’s who is incapable of conjuring a foul thought His repulsion to do anything physically exerting cracked me up and he is honestly the sweetest little bean in the worldThis novel truly was a delightful surprise The lone reason I didn’t rate this novel five stars is because I found the King to be unrealistically immature and the plot to drag at a few periods Despite this the hodgepodge of genres mixes together flawlessly and the complex characters work in accordance with the wonderfully intricate world to produce a fantastic story I can imagine A Spark of White Fire being enjoyed by fans of any genre and think it’s a marvelous example of why Young Adult novels are so successful in this day and age I can’t wait to read the next installments in this trilogy I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Bloglovin

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A Spark of White FireIn a universe of capricious gods dark moons and kingdoms built on the backs of spaceships a cursed ueen sends her infant daughter away a jealous uncle steals the throne of Kali from his nephew and an exiled prince vows to take his crown back Raised alone and far away from. 45 stars A Spark of White Fire is an example of political intrigue done right in YA and one of the best YA books set in space I've ever readI don't know if it's right to call A Spark of White Fire science fiction This Mahabharata retelling is a genre bending gem which isn't as common as it should be in YA because it's set in space but it reads like a high fantasy novelThere are gods talking spaceships that are just the space version of fantasy talking dragons a beautiful city floating near a nebula magical weapons blessed by the gods and people fighting over a throne A Spark of White Fire doesn't even try to feel like a sci fi novel; the space setting is just there for the aesthetics And you know what The descriptions in this book are beautiful and the aesthetic was worth every time the thought of people fighting with bows and arrows in space broke my suspension of disbelief A Spark of White Fire follows lost princess Esmae who is now ready to reveal her identity and fight for Titania the sentient unbeatable spaceship blessed by the gods Winning Titania will help her win back Kali's throne which was stolen from her brother Alexi by their uncle Elvar and his adopted son MaxIt's a story about a torn family and complicated loyalties and I loved how it played out so much that I didn't mind that some parts of it were predictable because Esmae's character arc was surprisingly subversive and went exactly in the direction I wanted it to goOne thing I don't like about political intrigue in YA is that there's often a good side and a bad side sometimes the side you thought was the good one turns out to be the bad one but that's as far as plot twists usually go Here there's not a good side and if you can argue one is better than the other you can't ignore the fact that in some way everyone is wrong and has been wronged I love complex political situations and I love competent heroines who know how to exploit them even if sometimes they failAnother thing I really appreciated was the way in which the focus switched from let's take the throne back to the rightful owner which is a trope I hate especially when the supposedly right person is a teenager to let's prevent a war we don't want millions to die because you hate your cousinAnd preventing wars is difficult than starting them Sometimes the hate you feel for your cousin is dangerous than the cousin himselfThis book wasn't flawless why have a step cousin romance when you could not have a romance at least there wasn't a lot of it but it surprised me just how much I enjoyed it I didn't think I would ever love a story about a lost princess in space but this book did something new with this tropeAnother thing I could have done without was Esmae's comment that people who don't date are afraid of happiness which was especially surprising because she had just said that dating wasn't a priority for her but of course she ends up falling for a boy a few chapters laterAt least there's a side character who is a girl who like girls and I love her

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FREE DOWNLOAD ½ A Spark of White Fire ò In a universe of capricious gods dark moons and kingdoms built on the backs of spaceships a cursed ueen sends her infant daughter away a jealous uncle steals the throne of Kali from his nephew and an exiled prince vows to take his crown back Raised alone and far away from her home on Kali Esmae longs to Her home on Kali Esmae longs to return to her family When the King of Wychstar offers to gift the unbeatable sentient warship Titania to a warrior that can win his competition she sees her way home she’ll enter the competition reveal her true identity to the world and. Battles explode and then they end Wars are always temporary And the smoke and ashes they leave behind will blow away eventually This book was an unexpected epic saga of twisted politics magical space wars and much angst To say I love this is a drastic understatement okay because I LOVE this This is such a strong well balanced cleverly plotted story that it just made my heart full of happiness I live to read stories like this I loved how this swept me up into an aesthetic world of space cities and conniving immortals with mortal love in their hearts I was on the edge of my seat than once got stabbed with feels and didn't want this book to end And when it inevitably ended I wanted to go back and read it all over again to dive further into the tangled web of intergalatic kingdom politics and family strife A N Y W A Y S 'From the moment they walked in here they saw only what they expected and missed the truth They saw the pawn And missed the ueen' This story is inspired by Indian epics primarily Mahabharata but being someone with absolutely no clue something I need to fix asap about any of those I read this with no retelling expectations Still this was clearly written by someone with a passion for sprawling grand epic tales in fantastical worlds and that love shows in the masterful plot The beautiful writing is also a huge factor and while a few times I was caught a bit off guard by the use of modern phraseswords the prime example being heck uhhhhhhh hahaha okay it was still uite excellent Watch as one act leads to another after that Watch the trees pass white flames on Watch the forest burn Now while the plot is the major strength of this book the characters are the secondary driving powerThere is a huge cast of characters but the key characters I noticed were Esmae the MC her best friend Rama her adopted cousin Max the goddess Amba and of course Esmae's twin brother Alexei There was a plethora of other supporting characters all full fleshed out with their own strong arcs and importance to the plot And while a few characters got lost for me in the large cast I was happily able to keep up with the many names and different connections You have a fierce roaring lion heart It believes in hope and love today but will it always Esmae is the voice through which the story is told the eyes through which events are viewed She is the forgotten princess of a kingdom at strife and though she is sure which side she stand with as she learns about herself and the kingdom she wants to love those lines grow shaky and blurred She was such a fascinating character and I absolutely loved her toughness the way she moved deftly through the political machinations all around her and of course the ferocity of her unwillingness to give up on those she cared about Of course in such a book like this affections are played like instruments of war and she inevitably has to learn to guard her heart but I still loved how even knowing the risks she still chose to care And also she's a bit of a bad ass when it comes to fighting and her tactician mind was a joy to read You're not reuired to be useful to anyone Max was the wildcard character at first for me Kinda thought he was gonna play a main villain role then kinda wondered if there would be a Dramione vibe hoo boy yes please going on although I was still a bit leery of the cousin status he had But then it was proven that he really wasn't viewed as part of the family bloodline his wit was perfect he had the just right amount of brooding angst family loyalty and then the fact that he was on a neutral side of the brewing storm of war instead of choosing a particular side Also he read books and was on the awkward introvert side of anti social Hi I love you This may be news to you Esmae so brace yourself You are not the wedding of a princess I've never met I can muster a tiny bit effort on your behalf Rama was the heart of the cast A loveably complaining heart who tried to shirk as many duties as possibly but someone who loved deeply The platonic love between him and Esmae truly touched my feels and oddly enough didn't even give me one SCRAP of shippy feels And since I am normally one who automatically ships long time besties that was a surprise But he is just so big hearted and brave and hilariously lazy that it was impossibly not to love him If you remember only one thing when I go Esmae remember this you are beloved by gods you don't trust and will be betrayed by mortals you do Amba was another character I was initially unsure about Gods mixed into a space world Yikes how many things can be mixed into here before it comes too much and ends up being a badly executed mess Ah how lovely it was to be proven wrong This goddess is the oldest immortal in the universe and despite her prickly attitude she carries such love towards certain characters She may be the goddess of war but towards Esmae she is always viewed in a motherly light She is one of the most interesting side characters yet one upon whom so much of the plot relies on Our lives were taken from us Our futures were taken I'm not just going to let that go Alexei is a complicated kind of character He is just as driven as his twin sister but while Esmae is open to the bigger picture he is focused on past hurts and driven by revenge and refuses to change I foresee much sibling angst in the future and while it's gonna hurt cause this is just so well written I'm here for every single momentbonus character thoughts I was made for war but I don't have war in my heart Titania as a sentient warship wasn't the character I expected but was 100% the character we deserved She is uiet and thoughtful a true character in her own standing as much as the flesh and blood ones I definitely want of her and I love the faint traces of sass in her programming that began to crop upAnd there is also a plotcharacter element that really reminded me of something from LOTR okay but unlike with Aurora Rising this was of a good homageinspiration instead of a blatant copyblueprint hahahaha 'There's a frightened king on the throne and a sly cruel man whispering in his ear' Also while I dearly love the characters I can't ignore the world building okay Because it is truly an epic universe crafted here where spaceships and god blessed swords and bows work in harmony together along with planet bound and space kingdoms It's not an aesthetic I ever thought I'd be faced with but now that I've been introduced to the concept I WANT MORE 'The constant hum doesn't bother me On a spaceship kingdom noise means all is well Silence is far frightening' 'The kingdom doesn't look like it's built on top of a space station It looks no different from the kingdoms on planets which was a deliberate choice to make the first citizens' transition to life on a ship that much easier' But the first strength of this book really is THE PLOT Y'ALL It's so good seemingly slow at first with a few parts that had me confused until it all began to piece together bit by bit into a picture I marveled at There were many obvious foreshadows towards a certain twist near the finale but I didn't really get it until the part actually came about And then all came crashing together while falling apart at the same time and I actually had to close the book for a second to compose myself because I WAS NOT OKAY WITH SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED while also being uite impressed with the choice of twist and the way it was ha ha ha executedThe twist also made me uite upset with a certain character because HOW DARE First of all broken promises are to be expected BUT STILL UNCOOL and also YOU HURT MY HEART HOW DARE YOU VERY UNCOOLFinally at the end of this long review I shall talk about the romance He's not uite the monster I expected I say cautiously' Look I'm gonna admit that I really didn't read the blurb and so I DIDN'T know Alexei and Esmae were blood relatives twins in fact So I assumed they were gonna be the main romance and even when Max made an appearance I was like ah yes another angst character I'm gonna love but who is gonna probably lose out to the main golden boy AND THEN the twin bomb dropped and I laughed because wow I DID NOT expect that Tbh there's a lot I didn't expect with this book and this was one of the first things ahahahaBut then when the definition cousin kept being used in reference to Max I was a bit hesitant to ship although my shippy vibes were starting up But I'd shipped something a little closer up the step relative ladder in The Accident Season with an ex stepbrother plus in ye olden days people still got with their actual blood related cousins so eh I let it slide Plus the two branches of the family couldn't even be further apart PLUS the adoption part of it Yeah it's a bit odd at first but not as bad as I thought it might have gotten every time Esmae realizes she still technically calls Max her cousin B U T complicated relative status aside this was a well done romance that I really liked It didn't take over the plot no major plot elements hinged upon it It was just two characters longing to have a place in their world to be noticed and who end up noticing each other the most and developing feelings out of that Sometimes I wonder if I'm still the same he says His other hand slides to the back of my neck My heart gives a jolt He waits to see if I want him to stop but I don't Times like now When I remember what it's like to be brave And also they're super funny together Their budding relationship is part enemies to lovers but also begrudging rivals to and I'm really here for that okay Far too good to lose to the other side Flattery won't helpTelling you how skilled you are is hardly flattery You just announced it to the entire world He smiles suddenly lopsided Flattery would be me telling you we don't need your knowledge or your skill because your smile alone would turn attacking armies to dust So all in all if the length of this review doesn't say it enough I absolutely LOVED THIS BOOK It promised and it delivered me space politics epic battles complicated plot intriguing characters and then some Mortals make their own choices and we can't control them but they inevitably lead themselves to their own fates their own fixed points And those points in time will happen One way or another they will happen They already have happened