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Review â The Dressmaker 102 ´ Dungatar é uma peuena cidade no interior da Austrália mas onde curiosamente as mulheres se vestem como modelos parisiensesApós vinte anos de ausência Tilly Dunnage uma jovem bela e reservada regressa da Europa a Dungatar para cuidar da mãe Tinha abandonado a sua terra natal em circunstâncias adversas e os habitantes rConuista os um a um através do seu enorme talento como modista Todavia cedo ressurgem os velhos rancores É então ue Tilly se apaixona e Dungatar outrora pacata mergulha no caos. The premise of this book is good; however the novel involves too many characters and too many plots Really struggled to get into this book at the beginning but did get better Look forward to the movie

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La e reservada regressa da Europa a Dungatar para cuidar da mãe Tinha abandonado a sua terra natal em circunstâncias adversas e os habitantes recebem na com desconfiança mas ela. 25★sWhen Tilly Dunnage returned after twenty years to Dungatar the small Australian town she used to call home she knew she would be shunned by the same people who had banished her as a child She needed to check on the welfare of her mother and then she would leave again Tilly had been trained as a dressmaker in Paris; her skill was second to none – but that would mean nothing to the bitter and vengeful women of the townTilly’s mother Molly was in a dreadful state – demented and filthy Tilly was shocked at the state of the home But hard work had never worried Tilly – she set herself the task of righting the house the garden and most importantly her mother And she decided to stay in Dungatar much to the disgust of the folk of the town Sergeant Farrat picked up his earlier friendship with Tilly and while she rebuffed Teddy his stubbornness kept him by her sideAs the women saw the evidence of Tilly’s skill they were bemused But they also wanted to own beautiful dresses and so the competition to be the best dressed began Rivalry and resentment were rife in the town – whatever would happen next The Dressmaker by Aussie author Rosalie Ham wasn’t at all like I expected I was shocked at the unexpectedly crude and graphic descriptions in certain parts of the book and I still have no idea why they were there To my mind they didn’t add to the story – in fact for me it’s uite the opposite Yet in other places it was uite humerous So I’m sorry to say I didn’t like the book and was really disappointed skimming through sections to reach the end

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The DressmakerDungatar é uma peuena cidade no interior da Austrália mas onde curiosamente as mulheres se vestem como modelos parisiensesApós vinte anos de ausência Tilly Dunnage uma jovem be. 4★A strange story indeed uirky characters in what appears to be a typical very small country town in Victoria Tilly Myrtle has returned from The Big Wide World to take care of her mother Mad Molly Dunnage She arrives one night at the train station with her bags and Singer sewing machine and the only character I liked Sergeant Farrat drives her home to the smelly house on The Hill by the tipTilly was bullied at school as a bastard and is snubbed by everyone now Mum is all she has Tilly discovers her mother is a scrawny filthy raving lunatic determined to cause trouble During the course of the book we watch Tilly scrub clean cook and gradually clean both her mother and the house As mother gets a bit healthier she becomes a little less crazed Still nutty but not uite as viciousThere were too many townsfolk and connections for me to keep track of but some stood out particularly the despised impoverished McSwiney family Dad is the night cart man and one of the younger kids is “Barney who was ‘not uite finished’ He was crooked with an upside down head and a club foot”There’s Muriel “Lipstick sat on the ends of each hair of Muriel’s pale moustache like tiny redhead matches She needed a tint and a perm and her feet were dry and cracked like big long warts”There’s the busybody chemist Mr Almanac who snoops in the photo packages that have come back from the lab to see what people are up to Faith’s photos are not only of her and her husband but there’s one of her reclining on a blanket next to another man’s car “Faith had been in whispering to Mr Almanac that she ‘had an itch down there’ and now he knew her lusty husband wasn’t the cause of her discomfort Mr Almanac unscrewed the lid of a jar of white paste and sniffed then reached for the open tin of White Lily abrasive cleaner on the sink at his elbow He scooped some onto his fingers then plunged them into the potion and stirred screwed the lid back on and put the jar at the front of the top shelf”Ewwww Nasty man It’s THAT kind of book You’re never uite sure who is capable of what But at least Mr Almanac is paying for his sins suffering from advanced Parkinson’s disease which has bent him into a uestion mark so much so that he can’t see where he’s going or control the direction or speed with which he stumbles until he hits something that stops him His assistant aims him out the shop door gives him a shove and he chugs across the road head down to his wife who holds out a cushion for his head to run into and stop himuirky indeed They are not major players in the story but I have chosen them to illustrate the nature of the book without giving any spoilers The sergeant is an absolutely delightful cross dresser which we learn in the first few pages He is thrilled to discover Tilly is a dressmaker I often found it getting slow and then suddenly something completely unexpected would happen including one of the funniest sex scenes I think I’ve ever read Some of the humour like the chemist’s condition is exaggerated but we realise these people are stuck in this town and couldn’t really go anywhere else Tilly DID go somewhere else and returned for her own reasons which we eventually learn She could still leave and survive but I don’t think any of the others could which makes the climax of the book all the satisfyingThese people are caricatures than characters but then cartoons can be as revealing and as much fun as films so who cares The off beat humour will probably appeal to a lot of people and I’ll be interested to see the film eventually They certainly rounded up a good cast