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Read & Download A House in the Sky ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ The dramatic and redemptive memoir of a woman whose curiosity led her to the world’s most beautiful and remote places its most imperiled and perilous countries and then into fifteen months of harrowing captivity—an exuisitely written story oThe dramatic and redemptive memoir of a woman whose curiosity led her to the world’s most beautiful and remote places its most imperiled and perilous countries and then into fifteen months of harrowing captivity an exuisitely written story of courage resilience and graceAs a child Amanda Lindhout escaped a violent household by paging through issues of National Geographic and imagining herself in its exotic locales At the age of nineteen working as a cocktail waitress in Calgary Alberta she began saving her tips so she could travel the globe Aspirin. I am sure I am going to get negative responses to this review but here goes This a mediocre book at best Yes the writing is polished but my guess is the reason for this is the co author who writes for the New York Times Magazine The first 140 odd pages details what a grossly naive person Amanda Lindhout is and her narcissistic belief that she can do anything She seems to be the one of the highest grossing waitresses on the planet without taking off her clothes and seems to think that surviving Central and South America was justification for traveling to Pakistan Afghanistan and unfortunately for her ultimately Somalia All this did for me was easily predict how her reckless behavior would end up getting her in trouble I have seen reviews stating she got what she deserved This assessment is grossly ignorant Nobody deserves to be raped and tortured The problem I had with the book is the first half is boring and as I said easy to see how the second half would play out Having traveled to Europe Australia Hong Kong and Mexico and Dubai I have often encountered young travelers who think they can do anything with no repercussions There is criticism the Canadian and Australian governments were less than effective is securing their release I think people need to know that if you are going to go to countries that your government highly recommends that you don't then if something happens to you it is not their job to help you Other criticisms have pointed out that it seems like she purposely did this to get the fame of a once in a lifetime story but ended up getting than she bargained for I doubt this is the case since it would be a great way to get killed The biggest problem for me regarding this book was that after awhile I just didn't care about her or her ex boyfriend's ordeal If she had a reason to be in Somalia like she was with the UN or a soldier or with an NCO I would say she was crazy to be there but was hopefully briefed on the risks But because she was either grossly naive and or ignorant for me did not make this book worth the time I spent reading it

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G to understand the world and live a significant life she backpacked through Latin America Laos Bangladesh and India and emboldened by each adventure went on to Sudan Syria and Pakistan In war ridden Afghanistan and Ira she carved out a fledgling career as a television reporter And then in August 2008 she traveled to Somalia “the most dangerous place on earth” On her fourth day she was abducted by a group of masked men along a dusty roadHeld hostage for 460 days Amanda converts to Islam as a survival tactic receives “wife lessons” from one of. Man I don't know what to say about this one I'd received it as an ARC from the publisher Read it in just a few days Saying I'm conflicted is an understatement Yes it's the true story of a Canadian woman who while working as a photojournalist or at least she thinks she is gets captured and held for ransom along with a male friend in Somalia for over a year She's half starved beaten and raped before she and her friend are released It's a story of courage inventiveness and faith But it's also the story of naivete foolhardiness and lack of common sense It's sort of like the stories of people hiking the Grand Canyon who are told by experts to stay on the clearly marked trails But they think they know better go off the trail fall into the canyon and then cry for help not realizing that they're putting their rescuers in danger too Not to mention the anguish for their families Ms Lindhout's book is compelling but would be a good discussion topic in an ethics class

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A House in the SkyHer captors and risks a daring escape Moved between a series of abandoned houses in the desert she survives on memory every lush detail of the world she experienced in her life before captivity and on strategy fortitude and hope When she is most desperate she visits a house in the sky high above the woman kept in chains in the dark being torturedVivid and suspenseful as artfully written as the finest novel A House in the Sky is the searingly intimate story of an intrepid young woman and her search for compassion in the face of unimaginable adversity. Get past the part where you blame Amanda for entering Somalia Yell at her for her wanderlust and her feelings of invincibility Be mad at her for not setting goals for herself other than elite waitressing to earn enough money for her next trip Find her as unlikeable as you want Bash her for the way she treatedused her men friends Tell her there were other ways to cope with the abuse she witnessed in her home Yeah she was a half assed Canadian journalist mostly interested in seeing the beautiful parts of the world that many consider uncivilized AND she wasted a lot of human and monetary resources by being so foolhardy Then blame her for Nigel's kidnapping Try to resist writing a review about how depressing this book is For heavens sake didn't you read the synopsisThen when you're all finished with these rants reopen the book and read a truly unbelievable and inspiring tale of a young woman who was brutally tortured for fifteen months by men who raped and prayed with eual fervor This all happened in 2008 Amanda's curiosity and uest for adventure got her into a horrendous predicament yet also allowed her to survive She was able to endure starvation brutal beatings physical deterioration and repeated rapes Her spirit tenaciousness and belief in the future allowed her to endure what would have destroyed many of us She clung to Eckart Tolle's teachings and created a house in the sky that would allow her to envision beauty filled with people she loved In my mind I built stairways At the end of the stairways I imagined rooms These were high airy places with big windows and a cool breeze moving through I imagined one room opening brightly onto another room opening onto another room until I'd built a houseSo it was she lived in the sky of her mind With extreme attention to detail she becomes a Muslim hoping to humanize herself in the eyes of her captors She maintains communication with Nigel against many odds An especially tender moment was when they exchanged creatively crafted Christmas presentsThis book is a straightforward retelling of events It is detailed enough to haunt your dreams After their failed escape I almost lost hope for her survival even though I knew she lived to tell the tale Without the gruesome details of the captivity I would not have envisioned the sualor and the personal cost of clinging to hope in the face of fear Yet she lives to forgive those her abused her She continues to face her banana peels those things that unwittingly trip an internal wire in her mind opening the floodgates of fear This book helped me to understand a world of depravity that I never even imaginedI hope that it helped Amanda to expunge a few of her demons