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A Guide to the Birds of East Africa Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ For the past three years Mr Malik has been secretly in love with Rose Mbikwa a woman who leads the weekly bird walks sponsored by the East African Ornithological Society Just as Malik is getting up the nerve to invite Rose E her to the Ball Rather than force Rose to choose between the two men a clever solution is proposed Whoever can identify the most species of birds in one week’s time gets the privilege of asking Ms Mbikwa to the bal. Years ago I struggled to find books my mother would like They needed to be devoid of anything that smacked of worldly immorality just about anything I was reading in the 70s and 80s Simply put she was narrow I was broad She appreciated good writing But somehow this made it even harder I wish I had discovered this then Not only is the book sueaky clean there's a clean feeling to his storytelling It's like laundry flapping behind your neighbor as she tells you the latest news around town Mr Malik asked his taxi driver to wait in the car park He wasn't planning to go far just find a bench sit down and think He pushed open the green gate turned left at the big seuoia and headed towards a grove of lemon scented gums And blow me down if he didn't see on the path right in front of him a hoopoe The synopsis Two old childhood adversaries wishing to ask the same woman to an annual ball agree to a one week bird sighting contest I expected information on birds and less on the country of Kenya So my disappointment was balanced out with pleasant surprise I also was surprised by and appreciated that Mr Malik and Mr Kahn were brown of East Indian descent The book dwelt in the well off ex pat culture and presented a conflicting picture of contemporary Kenyans crime ridden ineffectual government the possibility of a good schools But what will hang with me will be cheerful lilt of the story As the adorable Mr Malik stumbles upon heart wrenching misadventures and the suave Mr Kahn wheedles himself into a fine position until the very end the reader believes that everything will end happily because there is nothing like birdsong to lift one's spirits to give one hope Even the lowing of the mourning dove makes me smile Perfect perfect little summer porch read

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For the past three years Mr Malik has been secretly in love with Rose Mbikwa a woman who leads the weekly bird walks sponsored by the East African Ornithological Society Just as Malik is getting up the nerve to invite. I loved this book The main protagonist Mr Malik is simply adorable He is a man of unusual integrity living in a city filled with corruption He is an older man in love with a woman who has no idea of the secrets that lie behind an unassuming facade The story unfolds over the course of a few weeks and the reader chapter by chapter becomes privy to these surprising depths Mr Malik is an extremely private person and not even his closest drinking buddies at the club nor the bird watching kindred spirit he chats with every week have any idea of the burning passions and personal demons that lie beneath the surface I was enchanted by this book and if I hadn't been so distracted by other things I would have easily wanted to read it in one sitting A really lovely way to pass an afternoon

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A Guide to the Birds of East AfricaRose to the Nairobi Hunt Club Ball the premier social occasion of the Kenyan calendar Harry Khan a nemesis from his school days arrives in townKhan has also become enraptured with Rose and announces his intent to invit. NO SPOILERSIn conclusion The ending is cute but with this final note I haven't given anything away It is how you get from A to Z that is important A perfect comfort read if that is what you are looking for Please see below for detailed information AFTER 80% What I like about GR is that we help each other find books that will fit our own interests No matter how much effort I put into studying a book before I choose it each book is always a bit of a surprise This one too Please look at the shelves I have put this on fauna humorous kenya and relationships Yes those are the central themes You do learn a bit about Kenyan life and history but what is given is minimal Much is related to expat life in Kenya and uite honestly this isn't my highest interests but there are native Kenyans too and Iheir presence in the book is a saving point for me It is humorous and a light uick read It helps if you are interested in learning about birds Does the following bore you or interest you Kenyan crested guineafowl are shy and wary birds They stick to one patch of forest where they know every twig and track It is next to impossible to creep up on one to shoot or grab it But they possess great curiosity and nothing incites their curiosity than the colour blue I have never seen this for myself but I am assured by my friend Kennedy that he has watched a Kenyan crested guineafowl staring at an empty pack of Clear Sky cigarettes for minutes at a time Should you want to trap one of these birds therefore the best bait to use is not grain or fruit or anything that the bird might eat but simply something blue 80%I assume thisinformation is correct But what is important is for you to judge if this is interesting or not One thing this is not much about the antics of bird walkers This book is about how one properly conducts a contest That can be amusing too And about how people can tackle a contest so very differently Winning is important but but how we win is too I haven't read than 9% and I don't really want to be talking to you I would rather be reading It is just that the lines are so funny I am smiling on most every page This is the kind of tongue in cheek humor I enjoy Mr Mali is currently in Scotland First his wife dies and his head is rapidly balding and to top it all off he has a heart attack So his daughter gets him an appointment with a cardiologist and what does the cardiologist say 'You need a hobby Something to take your mind off work it's stress that does it you see ' The eminent cardiologist savoured the word Up until only last year he would have said 'overdoing it' and he still wasn't sure whether that phrase was a bit Harley Street but everyone seemed to use 'stress' these days and it was good practice to keep up with modern develpments Patients expected it Is your appreciation of humor similar to mine The doctor suggests birding and with fright Malik thinks he means he has to get a new wife or revitalize himself through prophylactic prostitution Nothe doctor is suggesting ornithology So Malik buys himself some binoculars BEFORE STARTINGMy son is an ornithologist I have been on numerous bird walks These walks are uite amusing if you step back and look at yourself and the group Tongue in cheek humor A fun read probably because you remember past experiences Are these excurions so different if they take place in Nairobi or Sweden It is not the birds but we humans who are amusing