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100 Bullets Read ò 6 Ï The first hardcover collection of the best selling Eisner Award winning series from writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo RissoSelling Eisner Award winning series from wr. This is good in certain respects but I didn't like it I appreciate the ambition of weaving multiple story lines together in a rather elegant and interesting fashion that provokes a lot of uestions and creates a lot mystery for the reader A mysterious agent by the name of Graves pops into the lives of varying people offering each different individual a chance to execute revenge murder on people who have destroyed their lives or screwed them over Who is this agent Graves what are his motives why is he targeting these specific people All interesting uestions that keep you readingBut I had two problems First the artwork which is commendable didn't work for me It felt somewhat derivative and at times clumsy lacked nuance and was somewhat goofy And yet I can't say it isn't good it's just off key somehow Maybe it just hasn't aged well or it didn't fit the story maybe I just have an issue with the style and the way the artist renders people It has a Frank Miller Sin City vibe but without the kickass feel that the art in Sin City made you feel like holy shit this art is just perfect with the visuals punching you hard in the gut It's unfair to compare to Frank Miller but I can't really help itAnd secondly the bigger problem that killed this comic for me was the dialogue I understand the writer is trying to bring to life various characters like gangbangers with inner city collouialism but it did not strike me as very on the money Not only was the dialogue rather cartoonish and a pale imitation of the real thing it ended up watering down the characters making them seem like cartoons than the hard gritty nuanced characters they were meant to represent On top of it the relationships between characters like mother daughter father son some of them felt woefully forced and one dimensional I did not feel nor really care about the relationships between many of these people they felt flaky and fell flatYeah I kind of want to know what Graves is up to But not enough to keep reading Some good moments in the comic but not enough depth to the characters strong enough dialogue nor enough interest in the art for me to keep going on this one

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The first hardcover collection of the best. This is such a great concept with kind of a cringy execution in my opinion The visual storytelling is wonderful Pane to pane there is a lot happening that is easily missed if you're not paying much attention But the dialogue especially for black and latinx characters is handled so poorly and all of the female characters are insanely male gazy I get that this is twenty years old now and has to be seen through that lens but it's still pretty disappointingBut wow this story and concept is so insanely good that I have to keep reading It's mostly an anthology with loose threads connecting each story but those threads are tightening and depending on how this laces us it could be an absolute classic

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100 BulletsIter Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Ris. It took 453 pages but I did manage to get through the first mega volume of AzzarelloRisso’s beloved comic noir As epic as its vision portends the thick page count is truly deserving of its Herculean appearance Does it still amaze this critic ten years down the road For the most part yesThe Film Noir aesthete of which its clearly derived has been amplified with a high pass filter that clearly and unabashedly avails of its Scarface lineage which it proudly wears on its sleeve Yet for all the derivative affects 100 Bullets samples first and then forges its own unparalleled vision With glints and glimmers and teases toward a complexly self contained overarch Azzarello and Co are seemingly reaching for the stars with this oneMost of these reachings are hit but there are some duds in the rough the old woman centric issue is particularly meh Yet forgiveness is well earned with a solid style that well trumps any of its shortcomings Fiercely contrasted with the shadows of which its been born the darkness that enshrouds each an every interstice provides a welcome dose of atmosphere Charring each panel with criminal delight the menacing and the violent are expertly melded Yet sometimes too much of a good thing is bad More often than not the epic structure Azzarello and Co are reaching for would have been effective with a salutary dose of concision More bloated than it should have been the vast swathe of individual issues actually dilute the over arch often than notWhatevers are whatever But for something so remarkably uniue and brutally uncompromising its accolades of yore still feel well deserved 20 years down the road Still fresh for the converted and non believers alike 100 Bullets still rips through its pages zipping armor piercing rounds unto all participants