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FREE READER Â DOC Mostly Harmless É DOUGLAS ADAMS Ï Артър е загубил любимата си при един скок през пространството а планетата която се оказва на мястото на Земята е абсолютно отчайваща вечно мокра спасява Там той намира съмнително спокойствие а дарбата му да прави сандвичи го прави полезен За момент всичко е нормално и привидно улегнало докато един ден не се появява Трилиън заедно със дъщеря си Наслуки която между другото се оказваИзточни Blechh Worst Ending Ever I've heard that Douglas Adams wrote this book during a bad time in his life hey we all have 'em but this book or less stinks I have chosen to forget that this book was ever written and that the series ended on a definite high note with So Long and Thanks for all the Fish Those of you who have not had your minds poisoned with this bit of tripe would do well to skip it altogether

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Артър е загубил любимата си при един скок през пространството а планетата която се оказва на мястото на Земята е абсолютно отчайваща вечно мокра и населена основно с блатни свине Той започва да се лута из космоса и да търси мястото си като едноврем mild spoilers aheadIt's terribly amusing that the majority of reviewers have tossed this fifth part to the trilogy aside banished it from their mental schemata of the series so as to acknowledge only that which ends well I think it says a lot about the readership that they took in the entirety of the first four books without picking up on the melancholy and nihilistic subtext to Adams' writing I mean the first book ends with the discovery that the meaning of life is 42 how much clearer does it need to be in order convey the ultimately meaningless adventure that Adams saw life in this universe to be More importantly at what point did that fact ever stop him from telling a spectacular storyIt is the journey than the end that defines us and the worlds we live in I think Arthur's encounter with the man on the pole in Hawalius can be taken as a pre emptive response to those who would invariably decry the novel to be too bleak humans seek to be protected from knowing the things we don't want to know about and it leads us to miss a great deal of understanding experience and acceptance sometimes with dire psychological conseuences A reader may not want to know how the story of Arthur and his companions ultimately ends or how any story that goes on long enough must end but it's a blind and willful ignorance that serves no purpose but to save us seeing reality in all its complicated and multidimensional depth of cause and effect and pure probabilityPersonally I found this book to be a brilliant and thought provoking conclusion to a sharp touching and gloriously honest series The ending of the novel with Arthur at peace and Ford laughing wildly is the most honest part yet I pity any reader who doesn't get that

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Mostly Harmlessенно с това разбира че е напълно безполезен Никой не се нуждае от знанията и уменията му които между другото хич не са много Всичко върви от зле към трагично докато корабът му не катастрофира на една невзрачна планета и малобройно местно племе не г The Encyclopedia Galactica that venerable compendium has a lot to say about the works of Douglas Adams In particular the first four books of his 'Hitchhiker's' series have over 7 million words dedicated to them This includes synopses critical analyses research projects philosophical treatises and Babel fish fan fiction But the fifth book in the series has not enjoyed this level of attention Until recently the Galactica article regarding this novel comprised a single word; 'pointless' A sub set of literature fans didn't appreciate this and launched an extensive campaign to rectify the situation They argued that Mostly Harmless wasn't a lazy cash grab or evidence that Adams simply wanted to put the series to bed or at least that it was than just those things So while most agreed that Mostly Harmless paled when compared to its predecessors they still felt that it had several funny bits and featured a distinctly sad perspective They wrote impassioned essays about the book's themes; waxing elouent about the search for purpose and the inevitability of fate One particularly poignant contribution discussed how much of the novel felt like the beginning of a brand new adventure a brand new series which made the sudden finality of the ending feel especially soul crushing And after many years of protest and tasteless #harmlesslivesmatter jokes they finally convinced the Galactica editors to expand the article From thence on the book on Mostly Harmless reads 'Mostly pointless' Edited 2142020